DFA #2

Yes, I know that the DFA #2 compilation disc has been out for a couple weeks now, but I just finished listening to all three CDs five minutes ago. And I decided to report on it.
I like this comp a lot. Even if you only moderately like it, $20 for 3 CDs is a really good deal!
I really like the DFA. I think it is good to have a new production duo like the DFA on the scene again. There are lots of people in NYC especially that seem really averse to the DFA because they make everyone sound like them. And I agree - eveyone on their roster does have a similar sound. Punk, rock, disco, and something else all mixed into one. I like the sound so I am obviously biased, but I still think that it is a good thing that they exist, and not a bad thing.
Think about it. In the 80s there were lots of producers who made the stuff they worked on sound similar. The one that comes to mind immediately is Martin Hannet. I find it difficult to distinguish the first New Order LP from the Joy Division records. And he also made the first Durutti Column record similar to Joy Division also. Granted, Mr. Hannet did work with the Buzzcocks and the Happy Mondays, but his "main works" all had a distinct style.
And I think it is the same with the DFA.

I love most of the songs on the comp. I like how the DFA did not really only concentrate on their big named (i.e. Black Dice, LCD Soundsytem, and The Rapture. They gave everyone a fair chance! Very cool indeed. Anyway, I highly reccommend the record. A good Christmas present, too!

DFA #2

Here is the tracklist:

Disc: 1
1. Black Leotard Front - Casual Friday
2. J.O.Y. - Sunplus (DFA Remix)
3. The Juan Maclean - I Robot
4. The Rapture - Alabama Sunshine
5. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - Rise (DFA Remix)
6. The Juan Maclean - Dance Hall Modulator Dub
7. Pixeltan - Get Up / Say What
8. Black Dice - Wasted
9. LCD Soundsystem - Yeah (Pretentious Mix)

Disc: 2
1. LCD Soundsystem - Yeah (Crass Version)
2. Black Dice - Endless Happiness (Eye Remix)
3. J.O.Y. - Sunplus
4. LCD Soundsystem - Beat Connection
5. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - El Monte
6. Liquid Liquid - Bellhead
7. Pixeltan - Thatē—“ The Way I Like It
8. The Rapture - Sister Saviour (DFA Dub)
9. The Juan Maclean - Less Than Human

Disc: 3
1. Pixeltan - Get Up / Say What
2. The Rapture - Echoes
3. Liquid Liquid - Bellhead
4. J.O.Y. - Sunplus (DFA Remix)
5. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - El Monte
6. The Juan Maclean - Give Me Every Little Thing
7. The Rapture - Sister Saviour (DFA Dub)
8. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - Rise
9. The Juan Maclean - I Robot
10. Black Dice - Endless Happiness (Eye Remix)
11. LCD Soundsystem - On Repeat (Dub)
12. LCD Soundsystem - Yeah (Crass Version) / Beat Connection

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