Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 4

radio bibabidi vol. 4
I should theoretically be spacing these shows out better. I'm shooting myself in the foot ... I've plowed through what -- 20 songs in like, three or four days?
But I'm really thinking about turning this blog around for the remainder of my stay in Japan. I'll still be listening to all my American music, but I'll be writing solely about Japanese indie stuff. It's an area of music that isn't blogged much about, and I feel that I'll be able to provide something "new" and "unique" therefore.
Plus -- I think I'm going record shopping today ... we'll see what I can dig up!
Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 4
1 ... Capsule -- Twinkle Twinkle Poppp!
2 ... Nagisa Cosmetic -- Cosmetic Happy
3 ... Fredo -- Fun In the Sun
4 ... Mansfield -- The New Pollution (from It's A Man's Field)
5 ... Yukari Fresh -- Dead

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Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 3

radio bibabidi vol. 3
Going overboard? Yes.
I've made three mixes in two days. I acknowledge this. But I'm hoping that these mixes are interesting you. This is music you haven't heard yet, right? But it's pretty cool, eh?
And this stuff is rare! Keep that in mind, please. For example, the Mr. Comicstore track is only on vinyl. So is one of the Halby tracks. And I got my hands on all this stuff in Japan ... !
So here's another one ... five more tunes.
Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 3
1 ... Mr. Comicstore -- Grandfather's Permanent Hair (Original Mix)
2 ... Pizzicato Five -- Roma (from We Love You)
3 ... Halfby -- Rodeo Machine
4 ... Halfby -- $5000 Dance
5 ... Sindbad -- A.W.O.L. (from Sindbad

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Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 2

radio bibabidi vol. 2
Okay, so I'm having fun compiling these lightly shibuya-kei-based mixes and posting them. Here's another one that I made recently. hope you enjoy it ... some unusual stuff, again?
Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 2
1 ... Yukari Fresh -- Horsey Marie
2 ... Mansfield -- Mansfield Theme
3 ... Plus-tech Squeeze Box -- Dough-Nut's Town Map (from Cartoom!)
4 ... Copter4016882 -- Little Kikky
5 ... Miniflex -- Peach a St. Tropez

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Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 1

radio bibabidi vol. 1
This is really just a mix. But it's one big mp3 file, and I made a tracklist and stuff. Hope you like it ...
Radio BiBaBiDi Vol.1
1 ... Plastic Sex -- I'll Hit Her
2 ... Twiggy -- When I Think Of You (Readymade 524 mix 2004)
3 ... Mickey Mouse Club -- Mickey Mouse March (from the All New Mickey Mouse Club)
4 ... Cubismo Grafico Five -- Upsetters!
5 ... Collette -- B.M.D.
6 ... Yukari Fresh -- Interstellar Kiss And Ride

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Weekly: Listing ...

Here goes ...
The Doers ... they're from Canada. Voncouver, to be precise.
the Doers - We're Open
the Doers - Good Drunk
the DOers - Doin' Yr Taxes
more samples ...

The Kites ...
"Follow me now into the forest of noise where Kites are busy playing their latest offering the nine songs in twenty minutes 3" CDEP "Superior Moon", bouncing sounds around the atmosphere, and sounding like an old episode of Dr Who gone mad. Played on home-made instruments, this is the work of comic artist Christopher Forgues, who creates music with intensity and depth, working with frequency rather than notes, and occasionally annihilating everything in great swathes of white noise that are paranoid in their effect, especially when they arrive unexpectedly in the headphones causing the reviewer to jump several feet in the air and rush for the volume knob. Investigate with caution, but do investigate."

the Kites - Superior Moon 2 (sample)
the Kites - Superior Moon 6 (sample)
the Kites - Superior Moon 9 (sample)

And ... the Cazals! From the UK! Woo!
the Cazals - Poor Innocent Boys
the Cazals - My Ex-Valentine (Demo)
the Cazals - What Of the Future (Demo)
the Cazals - Beat Me To the Bone
the Cazals - Bounder & A Cad

Hey -- the Maccabees are also from the UK!
the Maccabees - Lego
the Maccabees - Colour It In
the Maccabees - XRay

The Lovely Feathers have lots and lots of potential ... they need to be less sloppy, but they're gonna end up somewhere (to be really ambiguous).
the Lovely Feathers - Fudgicle
the Lovely Feathers' MySpace page

Shy Child ... this, too, is way awesome.
Shy Child - The Noise Won't Stop
Shy Child - Summer

And lastly, Vincent Vincent and the Villains. I know I've said it before, but keep your eyes on this band, as well!
Vincent Vincent and the Villains MySpace page

Well -- that was quite a list, eh? I promise to write more next time. I need to post more so that this sort of listing doesn't happen again. Or be more exclusive (but that's hard since I like everyone, and I'm not, contrary to what you all think, an increidbly "popular" blogger myself).
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Weekly: Gash

rough gem
I was really hoping that I'd be able to find a full-length copy of Islands' new b-side, "Big Bluff" before posting this. I wanted you all to have a copy! But I got frustrated, and decided to just go along with the post, leaving out [most] mention of Islands. While I don't have the full length, you can listen to a lengthy sample here.
**Hah! Got it! Download "Big Bluff" here!**
You know what would be cool? If bands stopped making where they're from public. I have too many biases for and against Canadians, Swedes, South Africans (oh yes -- I do), the Scots, Russians (serious) ...
Plus, it would make the bands more mysterious (**woooooo**), right? "No one knows where they're from ... they live in their tour bus, a 1973 VW Bus ... none of them have names that can be attached to races, demographics, etc. ... they all just go by mathematical operation symbols ("+," "-," "*," and everyone's favorite, "!") ...
In conclusion, I wish that I didn't know that MSTRKRFT is from Ontario. They're so cool ... all sweaty and gross and electronic and gritty and swarthy like pirates. I like them ... listen to their MySpace stuff!
Skrew Kid, AKA Yoshihiro Tsuchie, has a really bad name ... Skrew Kid ... what are these Japanese dudes thinking!? But his music is cool ... like BSS, minus everyone except one guy, all the amps, and all the other instruments. Okay -- bad analogy. This guy, this Skrew Kid, is -- as far as I can tell -- a very good acoustic guitarist. Therefore he is cool. And his music is nice and calming, or something. Listen to his stuff, yeah?
Loney, Dear = the dude from Grandaddy on his own. Well, not quite, but that's sort of what Loney, Dear's stuff sounds like ... high, sort of annoying male vocals, accompanied by cute, lo-fi indie pop stuff. I'm not telling where he's from ... listen to Where Are You Go Go Going To? and samples of like, everything else he's done here.
And I'll leave this post with a bang ... Park Attack. They're feral, want you dead (perhaps), and have an obsession with synths, stupid-sounding instruments, and lame guitars. I'm writing bad now because I want to have some tea, but I need to spellcheck first, and ugh ... listen to Tongue n Groove, Delta Smelter, and Toes. Right -- tea.

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Vibrations 25.4

I'll try and keep this one short ... here be a bunch of bands!
The Research is a very cute three-piece band. They're fun: lots of sing-song aspects, plenty of heartwarming harmonies, and tons of sweet synth melodies.
Stream Breaking Up

Want some really, really laid back indie folk? Listen to the Lesser Birds of Paradise. I like slide guitar.
the Lesser Birds of Paradise - Come to the City
the Lesser Birds of Paradise - This Is the Song I Wrote Last Night
the Lesser Birds of Paradise - A Magnet In You
the Lesser Birds of Paradise - Her Velvet Elvis

The Mathematicians are just messed up. What the hell are they doing? Like if someone parodied the [fictitious] bastard child of Kraftwerk and DEVO. Yeah ...
the Mathematicians - Weapons of Math Instruction
the Mathematicians - XOXO

What if like, Stereolab wrote the instrumentals for a guitar-oriented band? Not quite sure how it would turn out, but it could be interesting ... having a group known for clean, electronic production (with no guitars) produce a band that's just the opposite instrumentally. But that's sort of what GoodBooks sounds like to me. Maybe with some of the Cure mixed in there ... not sure.
GoodBooks - Passchendaele (demo)
GoodBooks - Leni (demo)

I'm sorry, but Sukpatch is a degrading name. What would happen if Jack Johnson (whom I do not like) went off and like, joined a band or something? Or maybe that's a bad way to put these guys' sound ... check it out ...
Sukpatch - Bottom Of the Well

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Weekly: Tokyo Follow-Up

escalator records
I have to admit that arriving back in Takamatsu was a bit of a let-down last night. While I was able to eat a delicious Japanese-style dinner again, I was a little turned-off by the fact that Takamatsu is definitely nothing like Tokyo. I had started to forget that, having not been there for about a half year.
I won't get into the details of my day-to-day activities, since they're probably not too interesting to anyone else. So I'll just stick to the musical-side of my trip. It was friggin' awesome.
Well, I picked up the new Buffalo Daughter LP, Euphorica. I mentioned this record earlier, but I'm mentioning it again because I would like to share full-length mp3s with all of you! I definitely enjoy this CD a lot ... everything I said about it before still applies ...
When I went to Shimokitazawa -- mostly to check out Jet Set Records, but also just to explore the incredibly dense and uber-cool little neighborhood -- I came across a store selling a series of CDs in The Sound of Shimokitazawa series. The one that I ended up buying was a Hi-Posi single, which features the song Chacha & Chibi. For some reason I thought the band broke up ... whatever -- it's a cool song, and I'm glad to have found it.
At Jet Set Records, I bought the soundtrack for a new Japanese movie, Summer Timemachine Blues. I usually don't pick up soundtracks, but this one was interesting as it was created by Halfby! It's pretty good, although it definitely sounds like a soundtrack, so it's got it's fair share of short, filler type songs ... but everything has a theme of some sort to it. I forgot the CD at my other house, so I'll just have to provide a sample of the CD from the Jet Set Records homepage ...
On Friday I went back to the Organ Bar to check out Konishi Yasuharu's set. I got to chat with him for a while again, but the coolest thing about the evening was meeting Akiko, a jazz-focused singer who's recent albums have been produced by Konishi. She wasn't singing that night, so I just talked to her for quite some time ... very cool.
And then on Saturday night I went to Web, a club at which the Escalator Records guys curate many, many DJ parties. I went to the cafe/shop on Wednesday and Friday, met Chabe (Cubismo Graffico), Masashi Naka (president and Losfeld), Miniflex (Yukari Fresh's husband), and one of the guys from Harvard. I felt obliged to go to this DJ party. But it was a good call ... great set those guys selected ... very eclectic, and totally unexpected on my part.
So -- here's the music ...
Buffalo Daughter - Elephante Marinos
Buffalo Daughter - Mutating
Hi-Posi - Chacha & Chibi
Summer Timemachine Blues sample (.ram)
Yucca's MySpace page

Yucca, by the way, is like, this weird trancey, indie-rocky, light pop sort of group from Tokyo. I really dig this stuff. Really interesting rhythm, eerie keyboards, and spooky, though only occasional vocals.
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I'm Going To Tokyo

hard gay
To hunt down Hard Gay (want videos!?)
the Advantage - Duck Tails-Moon

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Vibrations 23.6

Not enough here for a full post of any sort, but enough for a short Vibrations! Always enough for that, yeah?
Boy Omega is Sweden's Conor Oberst. Now, I am no professional when it comes to judging heart-wrenching ballads like these, but I think he's good. Unlike Oberst, though, he uses a lot of electronic effects (sometimes this is bad), and he doesn't yelp quite as much.
Boy Omega Jukebox

Now Shoplifting is my type of band. Nice and dissonant, the way I like it. In the stuff I've heard of theirs so far, they also use these weird, loopy guitars. All their instruments sounds like they were made of rubber.
Shoplifting - Male Gynecology
Shoplifting - Talk Of the Town

You wanna know what first popped into my mind when I heard The World Without Magic? The friggin' Buggles of all things. They sound almost nothing like the Buggles, but they do have similar hooks, I guess. Like a wa---y slowed down version of the Buggles, and therefore significantly more atmospheric. I like that guitar ... sort of a slide thing goin' on there. There's something college-rocky about their stuff, but it's tenser than it appears on the surface. Tighter than you would think they'd be on first listen.
The World Without Magic - Never Begun
The World Without Magic - Quiet Life

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Weekly: Tibetan Indie Rock

grumpy bear
I wish there was Tibetan indie rock. But as far as I know, there ain't. Damn it. It'd be sweet.
We'll start this one slow and easy for ya ... the Desks. Not a "band" as the tricky plural name would imply ... no -- the Desks is just one single solitary man with a voice, keyboard, guitar, and "etc." ... hmm. The thing about this guy, Jeff Edwards, is that he can't really play his guitar too well (he started in 2002), and he's sort of sloppy when it comes to writing lyrics, and just playing in general. But that makes him sweet, I think. Listen to Raft, When We're Through, Up, Last Bus, From Nothing, Be So Sad ... ah -- screw it ... too many songs up for free! Find them all here.
Padded Cell is way too cool. Slick, funk-inspired, dub dance stuff. Really sharp, rather varied, and never boring. You can stream stuff at their MySpace page or download Signal Failure to keep forever and ever.
Grumpy Bear is interesting ... like a rockier version of M83 done by Pavement or something. Bursting at the seams with lo-res synths and vocal loops, but with plenty of guitar and mellow, lush arrangements added into the mix to make the music very ... pleasing. Listen to Sleepynaut, Keepsake (pt. 1), Shit Untucked, Buckminster Fuller (and his singular relationship to everything), Red Weather Tigers, and Mona (edit) (unreleased).
An-d ... A Sunny Day In Glasgow. Another uber-neato group, these guys. (Unfortunately, they're not from Glasgow, but Philadelphia). They play indie pop sort of stuff (yeah, big surprise there), but it has a lot of shoe-gaze elements. Everything sounds like it's been muffled, and then "turned up," making the ordinarily depressing sound much brighter. Check out their MySpace page or download The Best Summer Ever.
I was going to write about the UK group Televise, but I've run out of steam. And I'm trying to watch The IT Crowd ... f^_^;
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Weekly: Tokyo Prep

buffalo daughter
Since I go to Tokyo next week, I figure now is a good time to prepare myself musically. I'm excited to see some cool club events ... some Shibuya-kei scene guys, and maybe a chance to catch another Konishi Yasuharu set. Still don't know yet ... we'll see. There shall be reports!
But in the meantime, here's some stuff that I've been listening to recently ... trying to get myself in the appropriate mood for time in Tokyo ... it's -- sort of unfortunately -- much different from this little country town, Kanonji, I live in now ...
A lot of these new Shibuya-kei musicians sound to me like modern b-boys or something. Like the Go! Team (or, on the Japanese side of things, Yukari Fresh and the whole Escalator Records crew) making modern b-boys cuts ... Grand Wizard Theodore, Grand Master Flash ... you get the idea. That's sort of what Sindbad is like (they even have a song called "B-Boy Stance"). Listen to Dumb Found feat. Your Song Is Good.
Fantastic Plastic Machine, a Shibuya-kei mainstay, has finally released a new record called Imaginations, and it's flaming. Whenever I listen to this dude's stuff, I imagine an 80s gay dance club filled with a bunch of dudes, high on crack or something, dancing to like, the Village People. While FPM isn't quite that gay sounding, he does have this very fruity sort of style to his sound. But Imaginations is a change for him ... more up-to-date with these newer Shibuya-kei kids in parts, and more experimental in others ("French Kiss" is a nine-minute jazz fusion sort of thing). Here's one of the "newer" sounding songs, Papawura.
Do you all remember Buffalo Daughter, that Japanese trio that toured with the Beastie Boys, was known for their out-there electronic-psychedelica sound, and has always been sort of ... cerebral, right? Well, they've got a new record too (out yesterday!): Euphorica. I like what I've heard of this record so far. It's quite a bit different than their previous stuff. At points, it's cuter ... Euphorica features the female's vocals quite a bit, and the production is a bit lighter. The whole record has a bit of a funkier feel. And I am convinced that these guys have been listening to a lot of Plastics recently, because they sound straight-up like the Plastics at points. Very cool mix of stuff here ... still Buffalo Daughter, but they're exploring their unique style in a more outward fashion. Not so inward and creepy anymore ... listen to samples of Mutating and Peace.
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