Bang It Up

dj mehdi
So, tonight is MSTRKRFT and Justice at Safari Sam's for Halloween. I'll post about it, certainly, tomorrow or the day after or something, but for right now, just help me out in getting pumped for this.
Justice, as a lot of you know, is one of the Ed Banger Records mainstays. They dup has been (re)mixin' it up for a few years now, and I can't stop getting excited about anything they touch or even like, get close to. So I'm tres excited (oh, so good ... casually throwing French in there!) ...

But I've heard a lot a lot of Justice, and I've got a feeling that you all have at least heard like, "We Are Your Friends," the track they did with Simian Mobile Disco. So I've moved on to ... Dj Mehdi, another killer DJ/MC from Ed Banger. I'm always hesitant to get too into French rap because it doesn't seem to flow as well to me, but man can these guys make incredible beats. Even better ... DJ Mehdi's latest album, Lucky Boy isn't even really a rap record: it's Ed Banger with a twinge of old skool rap in the mix, and man am I digging this thing. So I'll listen to these 14 tracks on repeat until the night strikes, and then off to Safari Sam's!
Check out DJ Mehdi's MySpace page, or just download some track from me!
Dj Mehdi - Signature
Dj Mehdi - Boggin'
Dj Mehdi - Always Be An Angel
Dj Mehdi - Lucky Boy

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radio.bibabidi Vol. 2 No. 2

Okay, so I've changed this up a little ... these radio.bibabidi mixes will not be monthly. Or rather, they will not be limited to being released on a monthly basis. I'm too overwhelmed with new music that I don't write about on the blog, so I've decided to just make these as the music comes.
Which means you all should be ... happy, right? More tracks for you all to consume.
Without further ado ... here's the latest track list. (I'm staying with the theme of new releases, though ... )
radio.bibabidi vol. 2 no. 2

{1}120 Days / Sleepwalking
{2}the Long Blondes / You Could Have Both
{3}Clinic / Tusk
{4}Whirldwind Heat / Slugger
{5}Love Ninjas / I Wanna Be Like Johnny C
{6}the Black Neon / Hollywood 1 2 and 3
{7}[ingenting] / Slapp In Solen
{8}Working for a Nuclear Free City / Forever
{9}Lexx / Sirocco
{10}Lindstrøm / Arp She Said
{11}Benoît Pioulard / Moth Wings
{12}the Shins / Phantom Limb
{13}Various Production / Sir
{14}Tussle / Trappings
{15}Klaxons / Atlantis to Interzone (Crystal Castles Remix)

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All Over

bolt action five
I'm pretty impressed by like, the sheer number of different bands that are in the London music scene. While not every group is ground-breaking or something new, they all have like, their own thing going on. It's sort of cool.

Tiger Force is my latest find. They're sort of like D.A.T. Politics electroclash, but with this childish, goofy style to everything they do. It's fun ... speedy and ridiculous and loud, edging on annoying. I dig it ...

Bolt Action Five works in a similar vein: spastic, glitchy electroclash or whatever. But they're sharper with cleaner production qualities. These guys look like they're headed somewhere ... where, I'm not quite sure, but I dunno ... sounds like it'll only be uphill from here for them ...
Oh yeah, and they've a MySpace page

For something else, pretty different from the above two bands, go to the Bleeps. While they're also from London, they're more punk-edge that Tiger Force or Bolt Action Five. Certainly just as jumpy and weird as them, though ...
Hey! They've a MySpace page, too ... what do ya know!

Is it cool if I add a Brazilian band into the mix here? Because truly, I am impressed by Wry, a poppy four-piece that sings in English and sounds one hell of a lot more American than like, other bands that you think of when you hear "Brazil" and "indie" in the same sentence (CSS, anyone?) ...
They create these rather distorted, thrashy soundscapes to build their pop melodies off of. I think it works well ... dreamy hooks and vocals combined with some MBV-esque guitar strumming and sharp, cutting drums. Check out their MySpace page as well!
Tiger Force - Kat N Kakey
Bold Action Five - Tree Friend Tree Foe
Bolt Action Five - Gurl Howl
Bolt Action Five - Spree
Bolt Action Five - Spring Heel Jack
the Bleeps - Doing So Well
the Bleeps - I Am A Discotek

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Failed Rehab

So ... last night ... the Echo ... CSS headlined (they're currently on tour with Ladytron), and holy smokes, it was cool.
The place was absolutely packed, and there were like, a hundred people waiting outside for any spare tickets that came up. CSS was prompt (!), getting on stage at around 10.30, but man did they deliver one hell of a set.
Lovefoxx was definitely feeling the crowd and the energy throughout the whole show, although things didn't really get started from the audience until like, halfway through their show. But whatever, I had a good time throughout. The whole group commands really well ... great stage presence. I loved how they spoke in slightly broken English, how they kept switching instruments, and how they were just so interactive with the crowd. Lovefoxx crowd surfed three times, I think, did some pretty wacky dances, and even served air alcohol to those in the front row at one point.
So yeah -- it was cool.

Grand Ole Party opened for them, and they were ... pretty decent. Interesting delivery of the songs in terms of vocals, really stellar guitar playing, and just a unique quality throughout. I liked 'em, but they were nothing compared to CSS ...

Oh, and since you've all heard CSS to death, I'm assuming, I'll just post this one track ... a sort of remix of their song "Alcohol." Sounds to me like what they would've recorded had they come into the studio totally hung over at around 9 AM.
Pictures are here.
CSS - Alcohol (failed rehab varsion)

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das wunderlust
It's been a while since I've done a band update ... I've had a lot of mixes, the LCD Soundsystem continuous mix, 45:33, but not much in the way of just delivering to you all some cool leads ...
So here we go!

Good to see some more folks comin' out of Belgium. The little I've heard from the country has been great, and I would expect there's more out there. White Circle Crime Club is one such band. Dark, precise, danceable, noisy, and post-punk in nature. They're a bit of everything I love, and that works for me ... check out their MySpace page as well!

So it's the hip new thing to do: pretend your from a country you're not from (who would have thought that Fujiya & Miyagi ... weren't from Japan!?)
Das Wunderlust is a super cool noise-rock/new wave four-piece from Middlesbrough! I like their edginess, their assumed anger, and their protrusive, almost obnoxious delivery of songs, synths, scratchy guitars and all. You know what? I guess they are German. Whatever. They've got a MySpace page ... figure it out.

I guess this is old news, Cosmodrome, as they haven't had anything new for a year or two now, but I like them a lot, and never paid them much attention until ... now. They're a two/three-piece from Paris (woo!), and they create some really excellent no-wave-inspired jams with an electronic dance music edge. I love those bass lines ... add something as strong and funky into the mix as that, and you've stolen my heart. Check out their MySpace page as well.

Das Wunderlust - I Wish I Was A Robot
Das Wunderlust - Apples (live)
Cosmodrome - Runaway Punk
Cosmodrome - Dreedum
Cosmodrome - Punk Up the Volume
Cosmodrome - Anarchy In the PC

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lcd soundsystem
Continuous awesomeness is what I call it. This Nike-commissioned continuous mix (coincidentally 45 minutes, 33 seconds long) by LCD Soundsystem is a beautiful little gem that should tide us over until the next LCD Soundsystem release.
Whenever that'll be ...
Okay -- gotta run! 45 minutes worth of jogging!

(Yeah, I partially posted this to see how long I'd be able to keep it up ... lame?)
LCD Soundsystem - 45:33

Well that stayed up for about an hour and a half until Nike got on my ass. Tough lawyers, these guys!

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Arthur Nights, Day 2

Arthur Nights, a four-day festival in L.A. hosted by Arthur Magazine began on Thursday (Devenda Banhart, Espers), and will end on Sunday night with the Fiery Furnaces. Friday was the night of be your own PET and Boris (among others, a total of twelve bands/musicians played).
Okay -- this festival is looking not so great. It's being held in the Palace Theater, an old venue in downtown, and while it'd be nice if the place filled up, it's extremely optimistic to believe it will at some point over the weekend.
The ambiance of the place is bizarre as well. It's cavernous and stylish in an old-fashioned sort of way, but it needs fixing up, and downtown is just not the place it used to be.
Overall, the festival seems surprisingly disjointed and unorganized; like it was thrown together literally last minute.
But hey, as long as Boris puts on a truly awesome show, I can't complain that much.

The build up to last night's "big" bands (be your own PET and Boris) was pretty depressing. Howling Hex and Awesome Color absolutely sucked (*sorry*), and the folky dudes on the fifth floor were, while talented and wielded their instruments well, were just bland. Heartless Bastards, which I assumed would be at least mediocre, had a really boring and cold set.

Be your own PET was pretty cool, however. The bass player did a few stage dives (hit me with his bass on one occasion), the drummer was surprisingly talented with a style of his own, the guitarist was ... chill, and Jemina Pearl was loud, obnoxious, and bitchy, just as expected. While it was clear that all of the members are pretty friggin' young, they did a good job of keeping up with (actually surpassing) the sets of the other bands. So bravo, I guess.

Boris was ... holy crap, that was cool. The guitarist -- a cute, petite Japanese woman -- seems to be a classically trained, so while she was exceptionally on, she was a little boring to watch. The bass player (who played a double-necked bass) and drummer (who was like Bam Bam from The Flintstones) made up for any charisma lost on her, though. The bassist was stunning. He was often the backbone of songs, usually not playing notes per say, but just producing this amazing rhythmic bass patterns. When he did play melodies and such, though, he truly shredded up his ax. The drummer was hilarious, yet oh-so-talented. He had a portable mic on a headset, so he was able to scream and shout a random "whoop!" or "yeah!" whenever and from wherever he wanted. But behind the antics was a truly talented rhythm keeper. Never missed a beat, never overdid his fills and solos, and always stayed close enough tot he rest of the band to keep everything together, but detached his own drumming enough to make his raw energy and astounding skill stand out on its own.

Check out pictures for Boris here and pictures for be your own PET here.
Boris - Pink
be your own PET - Bicycle Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle

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The Story of a Laptop DJ

dj never forget
DJ Never Forget's right: so called "laptop DJs" get no respect. But it's hard, I'm sure ... traditionally, DJs are expected to be constantly and completely (and over dramatically?) involved with their turn tables, scratching it up, one ear absorbed by their headphones, the other feeding off the excitement of the crowd. DJing parties is an interactive process, though, so why judge someone's creativity and skill on whether or not they use turntables and prescribe to the stereotypical DJ image?
So if you're one of those, be sure to try this guy out. He's a master of seamless integration of all-genre spanning music; a master of pumping up any party I'm sure. And man is he on top of his ability to create killer playlists. Not only is there never a dull moment, but there's also never an awkward what-the-hell's-that-in-there-for gap.

Certainly the next party I've gotta get to is one of DJ Never Forget's.

Download his newest mix, 2nd Class: The Story Of A Laptop DJ. You'll get into it.
DJ Never Forget - 2nd Class: The Story of a Laptop DJ

Always Something Better (Trentemoller Remix) Trentemoller
La Ritournelle (Metronomy Mix) Sebastien Tellier
Yours To Keep ft Annie Teddybears
Computer Heat Cansei de Ser Sexy
I Dont Feel Like Dancing (Linus Loves Vox) Scissor Sisters
Muscle Cars (Freeform Five Remix) Mylo
The Party's Crashing Us (I Am The World Trade Center Mix) Of Montreal
Trick or Treatz (South Central Remix) Metronomy
Mama's Room (Weird Science Mix) Under the Influence of Giants
Standing In the Way Of Control (Soulwax Nite Version) The Gossip
Whoo! Alright-Yeah...Uh Huh The Rapture

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radio.bibabidi Vol. 2 No. 1

As many of you may have noticed, I stopped doing the pseudo-podcasts for this blog. For some reason or another, I stopped making them and uploading them and all that jazz. I think it was partially because while I was still in Japan, I lost my high-speed connection, and was unable to upload massive files.

I'm bringing the mixes back, though, although the new series will be called radio.bibabidi, and will feature new music only. I'll do one mix every month, and starting next month, they will include only music from that month. This first mix is called because it's sort of a mix between September and October. Lame? Yes.

But you should all enjoy this, I hope. Some cool stuff on it ... something for everyone.

radio.bibabidi vol. 2 no. 1

{1}Suburban Kids With Biblical Name / Rent a Wreck
{2}Holy Hail / Backwater
{3}Tilly & the Wall / Rainbow in the Dark
{4}the Decemberists / O Valencia
{5}Viva Voce / Drown Them Out
{6}Pas/Cal / CAU Sans Muscle
{7}the Pipettes / The Burning Ambition of the Early Diuretics
{8}Beck / Callphone's Dead
{9}Malajube / Ton Plat Favori
{10}Under Byen / Den Her Sang Handler Om At Fa Det Bedste Ud Af Det
{11}Beach House / Tokyo Witch
{12}Pit Er Pat / Swamp
{13}Sparklehorse / Shade and Honey
{14}Tim Heckler / Chimeras
{15}Squarepusher / Welcome To Europe
{16}the Blood Brothers / Laser Life
{17}Klanguage / The Message
{18}M.I.A. / XR2

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Hemstad Interview (Part 2 of 2)

(8)While you're definitely a band, you seem to put a lot of work into making some pretty orchestral stuff. To do that sort of arranging, you need to have quite a bit of experience. What sort of musical backgrounds do you come from?

HEMSTAD: The only "schooled" band member is our drummer Manolo. Lead guitarist Karl is an amazing multi instrumentalist, Hemstad is Viktors (guitar) first band, Åke (bass guitar) is a mad circuit bender with lots of love for lo-fi, David (trumpet) is an old organist and I like to draw pictures. Having Manolo and Karl in the band is a real treasure, Manolo arrange beautiful harmonies and Karl can learn how to play any instrument in ten minutes. A good thing for us is that almost all of us got projects beside Hemstad. Manolo plays in five different bands, which is good cause he get much exercise so he can play faster with Hemstad.

(9)This always gets asked to musicians from Sweden, so I guess I've got to do it, too. What do you think about the gigantic interest in Swedish pop music in America? (I think it's totally justified, but it must be weird for you, knowing that a completely different country is so intrigued by your small country's output!)

HEMSTAD: I dunno really. Of course we think it´s better that people love music instead of hating it, but if Sweden is special I can´t tell. Much dirt comes from Sweden as well.

(0)Do you have any big plans for the future? Any collaborations or touring plans, or are you working on a new album? Anything ... ?

HEMSTAD: We are realeasing Kaserntorgets Charkdisco as a 7" vinyl single on Wigwam Recordings (UK) during fall and we will soon start recording our 2nd album. We are really looking forward to that. We got plenty of new material ideas that will be fun to experiment with. We've been busy lately with other things so it will be awesome to get toghether in the studio again.

(1)Okay, here's a question for every member of the band ... what is your favorite piece of equipment? You have such an eclectic array of sounds, so I would imagine you'd sometimes get a little overwhelmed with the all the possibilities at your fingertips.

HEMSTAD: Åke is our mad scientist, he bends, build and buy tons of instruments. For example he built a home made electronic handclap glove. You just put it on your hand and stick the cord to a sampler (Akai S1000) and when you clap your hands it plays a sampling. Åke also collects bassguitars and he got a really nice Teisco TB64 bassguitar that look amazing.

(2)And I've got to ask this question as well. What sort of stuff are you listening to now, and do you have any recommendations?

HEMSTAD: I dunno really, we got different taste but if I speak for myself I listen much to different studio recordings for inspiration. You asked earlier about Swedish music and I've listened to "Writers Block" (By Peter, Björn and John) and I have to say that the recording sound is pretty great. I like the "flat" sound and the high mixed percussion and short bass. They captured a "thin" sound very nice. Back to basics. Cool.

(3)Alright ... I think I'm out of questions here. I am absolutely amazed by you guys. You always cheer me up (even when I'm not feeling down), and your songs seem to get deeper and more complex and stunning on each re-listen. If only I had the talent and inspiration that you all do ... Thanks! Have a good day. (And consider coming to America! Los Angeles in particular!)

HEMSTAD: Thank you very much. Take care!
Hemstad - Sommar i Göteborg

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Hemstad Interview (Part 1 of 2)

Hemstad is the little big group from Sweden taking us all by storm. Lucky for us, their amazing ability and creativity has not been realized to its fullest, so I was able to conduct an interview with the guys. I can only hope that they remain as humble, interesting, and down-to-Earth in the future as they currently are.
The band currently consists of six members, and can broadly be described stylistically as indie-pop, but boy are they so much more. Frantic, sprawling, and oh-so ambitious, this guys have quite a unique thing going for them.
So read on and find out more more more!

(1)You guys seem to have a very unique story as to how you got together as a band. Could you tell me more about that ... something about meeting at a Christmas party?

HEMSTAD: No thats not true. I just made that story up to get people's attention, and now when our debut CD is sold out I confess, and you are hooked.
This is the real story in short:
Me and Vic the Dick were in a band called "Gypsies on Holiday." After rehearsing, the other members had to get home to eat, so me and Vic stayed and started to jam with drums and harmonica. Later we called that project Hemstad and I found a cheap organ in a second-hand store that I bought. I had never played organ or keyboard before so I started to teach myself. I was into 70s instrumental proggrock from Sweden and bitpop [video game music] and I assumed I *tried* to write bitpop tunes.
Later we added more and more of our friends to the band and at one point we where nine members. Recently we cut some off the band and now we are a dynamic double-trio.

(2)You are signed to Catbird Records, a small indie label that is actually based in Columbus, Ohio -- a long way from home! How did that happen?

HEMSTAD: I think that Ryan at CBR found us over the net through other bands websites. He contacted us and asked us to release an album so we thought, "Yeah, why not?"
All songs on the album were already recorded at that time, but we decided to re-record all songs over, since we had all our songs for free download at our website. We wanted the buyers to get something a little *extra*.

(3)Okay, I'm also really intrigued by the design on your website. And I especially like the little characters that represent you. Who did all of that!?

HEMSTAD: I do all artwork for Hemstad. From posters to pins and record sleeves to websites. Feels good to have control over something that important that has to do with the band.

(4)Okay ... now about your music (finally!) ... I'm curious to hear how you would describe your music.

HEMSTAD: We sometimes call it "an instrumental dedication to the west coast of Sweden ... " but that may not tell much about our music for new listeners. It's basically fast instrumental music with lots of melodies and stupid accessories.

(5)One thing that I love about your music is the pure, raw energy that's in every note. You guys seem so happy and excited to be playing, and I think that's great. Where do you get inspiration to make such cheerful music?

HEMSTAD: I can´t say that we are inspired by something or someone in particular. We all like humor with finesse and music with humor and finesse as well.

(6)How do you write these songs? They seem pretty sprawling and like rather massive things to write to begin with. Is there any method, or is it all madness?

HEMSTAD: Mostly madness to begin with. I do most of the song ideas at home but often we develop the songs together. It basically takes 5 to 10 minutes to write the basics, and then I or we introduce the idea for the rest of the band and we jam and arrange, record and try until it becomes a song. The songs are in constant development and we gladly use other instruments on recordings.

(7)I can imagine you guys just sort of playing around on your instruments in the basement of your house (that you made by hand!?), but is that really the case? Are you guys focused workers, or do you just run with spontaneous inspiration?

HEMSTAD: We are probably the most unfocused band ever, at least we were before. We don´t really use math or any particular sense or science when we play or write music. I don´t think there is any Hemstad songs written on actual paper. We just do what we feel is the right thing. For example the length of the songs varies a lot from time to time. If we are drunk we play fast as hell, and thats fun. We actually perform better when we are wasted. We just got home from a mini tour in the UK and we discovered that the bands we met there didn't drink much before a show. We did the total opposite and people were kind of shocked. I think they didn't think we were gonna be able to pull it off. Five minutes before a show we just go to the toilet, vomit, splash our faces with some cold water, go to the bar and get a drink, light a cigarette and get on stage.
Hemstad - Fyllekärring
Hemstad - Patrik Sjöberg

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A Treat

It's been a while since I've checked up on what Darla has been up to, but from the little I got today, they're looking better than ever. They're big new signing is Mahogany, a Brooklyn octet with quite a Cocteau Twins fascination. Not only do they share a lot stylistically, but Robin Guthrie himself produced their latest record, Connectivity!.
Yeah, so they're pretty great ... and they've got a MySpace page. (I've gotta figure out a more creative way to advertise MySpace pages.)

And just because I think they're pretty cool (and also because they're ... Swedish!), I give you ... Ellis the Vacuumchild. They're swooning, big, ambitious guitar pop, and I like that. Good combination, so who can complain ... ?
Mahogany - Supervitesse
Ellis the Vacuumchild - Summer Shitty Songs
Ellis the Vacuumchild - Decapitation Spree
Ellis the Vacuumchild - US Male

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Wild Electric Dream

the filthy dukes
One thing that I try to figure out is what it is that makes bands play what they play. That is, what is the X Factor that unites all of these groups today (electro, electroclash, folk, post-punk revival, glitch)? Is it all about the scene? Is it all about the changing aesthetics in our world; our every alternating likes and dislikes? Is it a combination? Because I see parallels between so many groups these days, but I also feel obliged to call each of them unique. They're all doing something a little different, but also like, the same. It's confusing, and my logical mind wishes there was cohesion there.
There most likely isn't.

The Filthy Dukes are ... "electro rock new wave punk funk DJs." That's a good way to put it, but man is it confusing! They literally do cover too manby genres for me to keep track of, and if that's creativity, then these guys are blowing me away.
Check 'em out at their MySpace page. It is super cool stuff. And download their really, really awesome mix below!

The Teenagers are ... man am I digging these London dudes. Garage? A Dancey version of the Libertines? I dunno, but man are these guys fun. And I still love those female vocals ... ach. They're cynical, they're cute, they're edgy, they're hooky ... really a great act.

This doesn't quite fit in with the other two bands, but it sort of does, and that's enough for me. I'm usually sort of against French rap. I'm usually sort of against rap from any country by the USA. Yeah, it's harsh, and yeah, I write a lot of people off, but rap is based pretty heavily upon like, intonation and verse and that sort of thing, and French doesn't do it for me.
But I am digging les Rimmailleurs, a laid back French rap trio. Sorry, I still can't get over the accents, and I think it's funny how they like, diss Bush. Actually, they're really gaggy. But whatever -- some cool beats, and a free maxi. Do it.
the Filthy Dukes - Nation Of Shop Keepers 2 (.zip)
the Filthy Dukes - Mini Mix May '06
the Teenagers - We Are the Teenagers
the Teenagers - Sleeping Bag (Yo Version)
les Rimmailleurs - RR (maxi) (.zip)

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Excessive Listening

vverevvolf grehv
I truly do go through micro-phases in my musical tastes. I really like one thing, then I switch to another a few months or weeks later, and then I'm off somewhere else all over again.
Yeah, the mainstays are there, so I'm never going to like, get obsessed with Rilo Kiley or something -- they're not my bad -- but I will continue, I think, to go through these micro-phases. They're interesting.
Now I'm all about the likes of the Blood Brothers, the Locust, Lightning Bolt ... that sort of sound. And man is it doing a number on my head (this will be a very short micro-phases, looks like).
Anyway, I was looking around, and came across VvereVvolf Grehv, Michael Dappen of the Faint's latest moniker. (Apparently he, too, got involved in a law suit.) It's sort of cool ... like industrial, spazzy noise versions of stuff the Faint could have done.
But geeze do I have a headache!

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Where Were You In '92?

Yeah, it's M.I.A.
Yeah, it's spastic and crazy, but oh so held back.
Yeah, it's great.
And yeah, it's not what you were expecting.
M.I.A. - XR 2

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The Other Folk

high places
I've never been a big fan of folk. I don't quite understand the draw to it, and it seems pretty restrictive as styles go. You limit yourself pretty heavily by simply committing to the genre. So yeah, why's it still around?
That being said, I do find some redeeming qualities to it, and people are certainly playing around with the music enough to make it interesting every once in a while.

Right now I'm particularly interested in this Brooklyn-based duo, High Places. They're all reverb and mangled guitars and out of tune pianos. And like I always say, I'm truly a sucker for pretty female vocals. So check 'em out ... you will not be disappointed, even if you have an outlook on folk similar to mine.

I seem to have unwittingly come across yet another interesting Swedish musician, and yeah, this time it's folk we're talking. Rickard Jäverling is a pretty laid back dude, you get the impression, and his instrumental folk stuff reminds me a little of a less sporadic and slightly less accomplished Shugo Tokumaru. He's slower, mellower, and incorporates a wider range of guitars into his music. His stuff flutters around your ears, but develops in a pretty linear manner anyway. So I like it, too, and this guy, along with High Places, is just what I need to hear on this sort of boring and definitely cloudy day in L.A.
High Places - Head Spins
High Places - Hello Hello
High Places - Dudes Incorporated
High Places - Sandy Feet
Rickard Jäverling - Second Summer
Rickard Jäverling - Sultan (clip)

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In the City ...

Yeah, I've got a big French thing right now. While my infatuation has little to do with French music, it most likely should. In an attempt to change my favoritist ways, I have made a concerted effort to hear more modern French stuff. No longer does this just mean listening to Daft Punk's Coachella bootleg or hearing the latest Ed Banger releases. I've diversified even more ... and here are four groups and musicians who I deem very super awesome. Listen to them all ... they're certainly worth it.

Klanguage? What the hell's that? They are ...
a girl, two guys, some old-fashionned keyboards, few drum-machines, 2 guitars, a bass

Yes ... they're cool. Electro dance? Check. Stimulating? Check, again. Sexy vocals 'n vocoders? Check check! Cutting drum machines? Funky synths? Check on all accounts. Listening to this is getting me too excited: I can't write the rest of this post!

I see Headbandgirl as a sort of French version of some indie teeny-bopper from Japan. Mixed with a very talented DJ or something. She spins quite a wide range of stuff, and yeah, it's pretty good, and certainly unique in terms of DJ stuff. So listen up!

If you thought Plastic Bertrand was the end of French punk, you're wrong! The Shoppings (along with some other groups, namely the Prototypes) play newly invigorated French punk. It's quick, it's brash and raw, and it hits you hard and straight on. Check out their MySpace page and listen to some of those tunes! Anarchy in France!

While Poney Poney isn't quite as punk as the Shoppings, they've more similarties with that groups -- and just normal bands in general -- than like, Cassius, Daft Punk; those who you usually associate with the French style/sound. Sort of reminds me of like, a poppier, bubblegum version of Phoenix. Crisp, clean guitar lines, not-too-pretentious males vocals, hand claps, and saloon-like piano lines. Fun fun fun! Check these dudes out as well on their MySpace page!

Yeah, Pulpa is from Sweden. Okay ... they don't fit the France criteria, I guess ... but you know, they're also very cool, dancey, poppy, and boppy. Sporadic, cheery, and oh-too-killer.
Klanguage - Priceless Things (TACTEEL Remix)
Klanguage - All This Time (YUKSEK vs INVADERS Remix)
Klanguage - Priceless Things
Klanguage - The Message
Headbandgirl - Groveland
Poney Poney - I'm Not Always A German (acoustic demo)
Pulpa - Make This A War
Pulpa - We Fall In Love
Pulpa - Julie
Pulpa - The Rivals

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Waiting, Waiting ...

colours are brighter
I'm sure that most of you have heard about Air's upcoming album, but did you also know that Jean-Benoit Dunkel -- one of the duo -- also has released some of his own material under the name Darkel? It's ... what you'd expect, I guess. Like Air without all those neat-o harmonies and a little simpler ... less layering, orchestration, and depth. Hey, I'm making it sound bad, and that it certainly is not. Check out his MySpace page and judge for yourself!

I recently came across this group from L.A., Whispertown2000, and they're pretty cool if you're looking for like, a folksy, acoustic version of some of Tilly & the Wall's stuff. I like the harmonies, and I really, really like those raspy female vocals. Charming, but rough, which makes them all the more charming, in turn.

I was reading about this Colours Are Brighter compilation for kids, and man is it cool. I would totally get this for my kids ... included on the comp are Franz Ferdinand, the Flaming Lips, Four Tet, Belle & Sebastian, and many more excellent musicians and groups. Really a cool album ... can't wait for its release. Check out the MySpace page for more info and streamed song, but also be sure to download "Jackie Jackson" from below!

Lastly, since I liked Science of Sleep so much, I've decided to post the pseudo-cover of the Velvet Underground's "If You Close the Door" from the film ... it's just as cute as you'd expect. Enjoy!
Darkel - At the End of the Sky
Darkel - My Own Sun
Franz Ferdinand - Jackie Jackson
Gael Garcia Bernal - If You Rescue Me (Chanson des Chats)

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How Many More!?

red riders
Wanna hear more about what's coming out of Australia? (Man is that country looking awesome ... Australia will become the new Canada soon, I think ... once they get their own Arcade Fire.)
Expatriate is sort of dark, sort of post-punk, sort of electro, sort of ... charming, actually. Indeed, an interesting band. They sort of ... keep ... chugging ... along ... it's ... super. And I dig those harmonies, man. They've got something coming out next year on Dew Process, a really cool and forward moving lable from Queensland!
Oh, and head on over to their MySpace page.

Hailing from Sydney is Red Riders, a sort of heavier indie-pop group. That floaty voice on top of fat bass lines and sharp, piercing guitars ... cool stuff. Hey, it's hard sounding uninspired when it's clear that instrumentally you're actually really pumped and excited.

Lastly, be sure to check out this guy Tim's band, Soft Tigers. Tim is 17 and from Sydney as well. He makes cheery, sort of dancey music with quite a thing for funky rhytms and sing-alongs. And then there's some funk and disco in there ... check out his MySpace page ... good time!
Red Riders - Slide In Next To Me
Red Riders - I Think You're Blind

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Across the Pond

hugo paris
I enjoy listening to tunes by Hugo Paris. He's frantic, but he reminds me of something that the Tom Tom Club would have done ... had they still been around today. Whatever ... he's awesome. Bouncy, dancey, fun, unique, and certainly bizarre.

From what I understand, the Aliens (AKA ex-Beta Band minus one guy) also enjoy his music.
What!? You have not hear anything by the Aliens!? On no! Well click to your heart's content below ... ("The Happy Song" is where it's at.)
Hugo Paris - Diamonds and Clubs
Hugo Paris - Rumble Street
Hugo Paris - Jack the Video
Hugo Paris - Numbers Inst.
the Aliens - Robot Man
the Aliens - Only Waiting
the Aliens - The Happy Song (Full Length Version)

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