Paris with Cazals

If you've been reading the Anthem Magazine website you probably picked up on the fact that I was in Paris on a bit of a business trip from Friday evening through Monday around noon. (I was working on a photo diary sort of piece with Cazals for the Spring issue.)

In an effort to make sure you guys really are reading the website that I'm pouring so much blood and sweat (and love!) into, I'm dropping the links in this post. Check it out!

When In France: Cazals Diary, Day 1
When In France: Cazals Diary, Day 2
When In France: Cazals Diary, Day 3
When In France: Cazals Diary, Day 4

It was a truly wonderful trip. I would like to thank the entirety of Cazals, The:Hours (their U.S./French label), all the other folks I worked with, and Marissa for being some of the most accommodating, amicable, and intelligent people around. I know I've found lifelong friends in them all.

Buy it at Insound!

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