"Dead Disco"

As of last week, I'm officially Viva Radio's newest contributing DJ. My program, "Dead Disco," which airs every Friday at noon, is off to a great start, in my humble opinion. If you missed the first show, you can catch up by checking out my archives. Otherwise, be sure to tune in tomorrow at 12 PM for my next batch of all things dance music, from early disco jams to 80s techno, club-ready pop to deep house cuts. Modern music trends exist cyclically (no one reinvents the wheel―they just rejigger, reframe, remix, retouch, and reimagine what's already there); "Dead Disco" aims to tie the new to the old and the old to the new.

Make sense?

As it's unlike me to post without providing you all an MP3, I offer you "Yamarena-I" off Pixeltan's long awaited and much anticipated eponymous EP. It's been five long years since we last heard from them! The good news is that the four songs they've stuffed our stockings with are stupendous in that they recall the heyday of dance-punk while extending their aesthetic into something frenzied and new. The bad news is that the trio is both busy with their own projects and the lead singer, Mika Yoneta seems to have returned to her home in Japan. Don't expect anything more from them for the next five years...

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Q&A with Neurotic Drum Band

I recently did an interview with electronic music legends John Selway and Elliot Taub, a.k.a. Neurotic Drum Band, as they have a superbly spacey yet robotically funky 12" out on Wurst Music Co., "Neurotic Erotic Adventure." We talked about all sorts of things, from the guys' past projects and efforts to their current collaboration. Hop on over to Anthem Online for the full story.

The fellas also were kind enough to give me an MP3 of the tune, so you can sample it before buying the wax!

Neurotic Drum Band - Neurotic Erotic Adventure

Buy it at Insound!

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