Weekly: Yeah, I Know

I'll admit that I've had chances in the previous two weeks or so to post again. I didn't do it, though. Not sure why ... but here I am, anyway, to inform you all about a few bands I've been listening to recently.
Lake Of Dracula is noise rock, and therefore a band that I find hard to classify as "good" or "bad." I don't even know if I like them ... noise rock simultaneously confuses and impresses me, and that how I feel when I hear Lake Of Dracula's "vicious, angular guitar and obtuse, howling vocals over propulsive, throbbing dance beats in an unprecedented melange of excitement and alienation!"
Listen to Plague of Frogs(.mp2) and Henry Clay. Be perplexed.
Mit is also confusing to me. Although this time it's not just for being noisy ... they sing in German (because they're like, from Germany ... ) and that blows my mind even more. They're a simple band ... just moog, bass, and vocals. They're all spazzy and sort of creep me out with their retard DEVO-meets-DFA sort of style. Listen to Goodbook and Deine Eltern. Weird dudes (and one girl?) ...
Now, Birdmonster is a bit different, and certainly less looney. They're certainly loud and energetic, but they have two really cool things goin' for them: good, thumping bass and a spontaneity unlike any I've heard in a band before. You listen to their stuff and you're like, "hey -- this sounds like something I know" one second, but then you've changed your mind the next, and then again, and again, and again ... they're songwriting sort of leaves you hanging at every turn. You don't know where they're going (although they give you an idea, which they usually don't play out), and you don't know when it will end (although they deliver lots of false crescendos and climaxes). Listen to Resurrection Song.
Snowden sounds like a band that I should have heard about before. Neat-o music, equally inspired by like, Radiohead and other glum melody makers, and post-punk proteges like the Cure and the electronic, reverb edge of New Order. I especially like their singer, who has this very chilling, drawn out voice. And what!? they have they're whole EP and a 7" up for grabs on their site!?
Snowden EP
Victim Card
Good News
Chin Up
Kill the Power
Come Around
Anybody Else
Black Eyes 7"
Black Eyes

I am drawn to Ester Drang for their uber-cool blend of like, "smart" pop bands, like XTC, and shoe-gaze stuff, like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. There is something slow and calming about their music, but poppy and exciting ... tempo changes, vocal loops, awesome harmonies, and really cool swirly guitars. Listen to Velencia's Dying Dream, Dead Man's Point of View, and Come Back Alive