BBBD MIX: "29"

It's way past midnight on Friday night in L.A. -- why not deliver a new mix?

This time I can spare myself the explanation and just drop the tracklist -- that's right, I finally put one together for one of these guys! It speaks for itself.


(1) Tadeo, "Eclipse"
(2) Alexander Robotnick, "Supermarket"
(3) Azoto, "Zorba's Dance"
(4) Lemon, "Freak On (12" Mix)"
(5) Two Lone Swordsmen, "Patient Saints (Dave Congreve's Boardroom Mix)"
(6) Bumblebee Unlimited, "Funk For Days"
(7) Yello, "Bostich"
(8) Italoboyz vs. No Ze, "Double Trouble"
(9) Simian, "Never Be Alone"
(10) Double Exposure, "Ten Percent (Tom Moulton Mix)"
(11) Love Committee, "Cheaters Never Win (12" Edit)"
(12) Flipper, "Ever"
(13) Animal Collective, "Brother Sport"
(14) Was (Not Was), "Wheel Me Out"
(15) Blur, "Girls & Boys"
(16) Catz 'N' Dogz, "Omanko"
(17) Hatchback, "Jetlag"
(18) Josef K, "Heads Watch"

Nik Mercer - 29 Mix

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Anonymous said…
Always showing us unelightened souls the new "hot trax"... diggin this mix. keep it up
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