The Tough Alliance, Remixed

It's been far, far too long since I wrote about one of my favorite Swedish groups, the Tough Alliance, the founders, owners, and operators of Sincerely Yours, one of my favorite Swedish labels. It's quite a shame, too, since I was, for a while, the biggest Swede-head I knew.

TTA hasn't really done much of anything since 2008, but now they're sort of back with a remix EP titled Prison Break (get all the MP3's at Sincerely Yours). As such releases go, it's pretty damn good. The remixers overall respect and keep intact the duo's unique style while simultaneously shifting its context. Juan MacLean brings "A New Chance" to 90s acid house clubs; Woolfy spins "Neo Violence" for dubbed-out disco dancers; and El Guicho sprinkles "First Class Riot" with baile funk.

My favorite remix is definitely the Juan MacLean one, so that's what I'm dolling out to all of you this brisk yet sunny New York Monday morning! Check it out and, again, be sure to buy the whole EP.

the Tough Alliance - A New Chance (Juan MacLean Remix)"

Buy it at Insound!


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Hey, RawSteel here. Swedes are here to stay!