Suzi Quatro

Currently, I'm indulging my newfound obsession and infatuation with Suzi Quatro, whose career is as long as it is storied, as textured as it is intricate. It's really easy—not to mention fun—to get lost in the bottomless chasm that is her discography.

Let's start with some basics.

Born in Detroit in 1950. First band was called the Pleasure Seekers, which her older sister, Patti, started in '64. Motown-accented garage rock that had an insidiousness menace I find intoxicating.

In '69, they morphed into Cradle and pursued a heavier, muddier sound. (Can you think of a better name for an all-female first-wave heavy metal group? Nope.) There is a comp of their stuff out there that's definitely worth a peek.

Band dissolved and Patti went on to shred with her brother and eventually joined Fanny. Easy to spot her influence on that group's later years.

Suzi moved to the U.K. and started cranking out solo records I simply cannot get enough of right now. The eponymous debut, which landed on Rak Records in '73, hot off her tour with Thin Lizzy and Slade, is a rip-roaring good time. It's keyed up glammy action with heart and humor for days.

After that LP, she toyed with slinky funk (Your Mamma Won't Like Me), power pop (Aggro-Phobia), and AOR (If You Knew Suzi... ), but never came off as a pandering chameleon.

Seriously, folks, if Suzi's new to you, stop what you're doing now and begin acquainting yourself. Crawling through her catalog is an endless joy, and it's only made more rewarding when you're familiarized with her backstory.

Ah, and she was on Happy Days a bunch as Leather Tuscadero.