Various, "Kollektion 01: Sky Records"

This is more of a quick share, an effort to point you in the direction of something rich and absorbing, than it is to deep-dive into a particular subject.

A few years ago, Bureau B began their labored, though not overwhelming or dauntingly large, Kollektion compilation series, and I found myself returning to a few of them today. They all slant German and avant-garde, but they don't collectively amount to an homage to kraut or a celebration of kosmische; each focuses on a different body of work, either an artist's or a label's, and is a reflection of six distinct curtors' tastes, from Stereolab's Tim Gane, who did the first one, on Sky Records, to Tortoise's John McEntire, who oversaw the sixth and final one, on Cluster.

All very much worth your time.