Linder Sterling's band from the late 70s, early 80s. Frankly, I mostly knew of Sterling as the photomontage artist behind the Buzzcock's "Orgasm Addict" single sleeve, and while I was aware she did—and continues to do—a lot more, I never put much time into boning up on any of it, and I certainly never spent any time with her musical endeavors.

Boy am I happy I'm listening to her stuff now, though, as Ludus is simply stellar. Asymmetrical and free-flowing avant-pop that is a zigzagging swirl of springy bass that skips and gallops rather than walks, effervescent drums, and snap, crackle, pop vocals. Enigmatic stuff that never stays put for long, that abruptly contracts into fidgety, wonky jams, then sprawls out into ambling, groovy noodles. For someone like me, a devout Deerhoof student, it's impossible to get enough.