Fly Ashtray

Crusty, deep-fried NYC noise-rock that is as fierce and turbulent as it is ebullient and jaunty. They've been around for a while, though they weren't exactly popping out singles, EPs, albums at some breakneck pace, so plowing through their discography isn't a daunting challenge.

Started in the early 80s and began getting studio recordings out in '87, when The Day I Turned into James Morrison was released. Lackadaisical lo-fi with this geeky wonkiness and psychedelic trippiness that is a jet-fueled hoot.

Pretty smitten with Clumps Takes a Ride, their second LP, which Shimmy Disc (of course Kramer endorsed these wackos) pressed. Ragtag indie that's disjointed and disheveled, but never in want of hooks and clever turns of phrase.