The Three Doctors Band

The band Australian-American multihyphenate Gregg Turkington had before he became one with his character Neil Hamburger. Fronted by him and Trey Spruance of the freaky-deaky mad hatters known as Mr. Bungle.

Part of why I'm writing about them now is because I'm exactly one week out form a big—huge!—move. Leaving NYC, my home of a decade, for San Francisco. While Turkington wasn't born in S.F., he's a Californian and was in the Bay during the Three Doctors days, few as they were.

Oddball, experimental lo-fi that shares much in common with out-there bedroom balladeers like Daniel Johnston, but with more detuned psych scuzz caked on top and wound-up kraut constructions reinforcing the walls.

I mean, what would you expect, considering the Doctor Who reference in their name?