Even as We Speak

An upbeat and jangly indie band from Sydney that was founded in the mid-80s and that, largely through support from John Peel and sessions they recorded with the BBC legend, found its way to the UK, to Sarah Records. They were signed, an album came, they got eyes, ears, hearts throughout England, and then... a breakup in '93. 

Quite a special, particular sound, an inspired blend of bookish, horn-rimmed guitar rock of the C86 variety and clubbier fare of the cheeky, gee-whiz variety—think Deee-Lite and Saint Etienne rather than Madchester burners like Happy Mondays and their Glaswegian peers Primal Scream. 

Their greatest asset may be Mary Wyer, their lead vocalist, a Dolores O'Riordan on a happy day, a Clare Grogan without the extra dollop of whipped cream on the side and cherries on top.