Sheena & the Rokkets, "Ukabi no Peach Girl"

I may need to write a proper Sheena & the Rokkets post, too, but, for now, one of their finest pieces, an effervescent synth-pop skip, "Utakbi no Peach Girl" ("浮かびのピーチガール"), that could've been written and arranged by YMO. Great Scott, it was; the three members have production and/or performance credits on the track, not to mention the album it appears on, 1980's Channel Good.

Started by Etsuko Ayukawa (鮎川悦子), who went by Sheena (シーナ ), and her husband Makoto Ayukawa (鮎川誠), the band covered a lot of ground from the late 70s into the 90s, but they mostly jumped between greaser rockabilly and sparkly Yamaha-keyboard pop. A Japanese Blondie with a lead vocalist who could play both leather-clad hair-metal frontwoman and J-pop idol.

(The title translates to "floating peach girl," "peach girl" being a colloquialism for a certain type of coquettish, doe-eyed young Japanese woman of leisure.)