Girl Girl Gril

Also in the mid-90s, Konishi Yasuharu (小西 康陽) had a radio program called Girl Girl Girl (ガール ガール ガール). Three men—him, along with Haruo Kubota (窪田晴男) and Tetsutaro Sakurai (桜井鉄太郎, of Costa Nostra, the butter-smooth, Latin-inflected loungecore ensemble)—so, of course, it was called Girl Girl Girl.

On this show, the trio, also named Girl Girl Girl, played mostly (entirely?) music they themselves produced, and it is all mostly (entirely?) hard to place. Most of it is ambient future jazz that wafts out like a plume of essential-oil-sweetened vapor from a diffuser. Laid-back, soft, and yet guided with such curious, electrifying direction; is this the soundtrack to a lost Wong Kar-wai film or a guided meditation or collection of drum breaks and synth demos?