Originally a member Sonetic Vet, a three-chord guitar band that was too lo-fi and punky to be a Jesus and Mary Chain clone, too urgent and aggressive to be shoegaze, Elisabeth Esselink started her Solex solo project with the release of her 1998 album Solex vs. the Hitmeister, an offbeat slice of indie electronica.

It's a strange record, private and small and humble, so clearly the work of one woman in a studio, one I'm guessing doubled as her bedroom. 
Fun and lively, curious and twitchy, it hopscotches from electric blues to wiggy twee dance-pop to lounge experimentation in just over forty minutes.

Years later, she and a collaborator sailed through all of the Netherlands to produce a jovial and animated musical documentary of the country called The Sound Map of the Netherlands, and I'd suggest heading there after you try LP1 on for size.