BBBD 2024

Nearly twelve months have passed without a peep from me, and I think—think!—that's going to change in short order.

I've new, albeit modest, things coming via Nilo soon (a sequel to the "Please Honk" bumper sticker), and I'm contemplating ways to more efficiently and quickly publish and distribute all the gobbledygook that is suffocating in my mind and crammed into my notebooks. I am certain some or all of it will live on or be connected to BBBD, though whether this twenty-year-old blog is a hub or spoke remains to be seen.

At any rate, I'll start jottings things down here again, in more typical journal format. In the meantime, follow the four playlists I'll be maintaining as per usual (they're embedded below) and behold my latest "product," a song-a-day experiment. There's an RSS feed for it if that's your jam. (There's something intoxicating about rejiggering a Spotify playlist into, essentially, a microblogging platform, and I'm happy I finally hacked it. This is something I've been wanting to make for ages.)