Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 11

radio bibabidi vol. 11
You all know Metronomy, right? He's the hot new electronica artist from Brighton, and he's uh ... taking the world by storm with his whacked out mad house dance tracks. While his debut album, Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe), came out last year (I wrote a review of the album for ExplodingPlastic, by the way) he's been keeping busy for all of '06, doing remixes for such bands as Franz Ferdinand and ... Gorillaz! Everything he does has this sort of lopsided sound to it, like not only the record is warped, but all the samples and instruments.
REKID, AKA Matt Edwards, has done remix work for many pop musicians as well, including Kylie Minogue. But under his REKID moniker, he's been doing specifically house music. But his style is definitely unique, combining the dark elements of disco and dub, and slowing it all down to the point where he's edging on cardiac arrest.
Check out the new mix, but download the REKID and Gorillaz tracks for future listening!
Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 11
1 ... Gorillaz -- El Manana (Metronomy Remix)
2 ... REKID -- 85 Space
3 ... the Emperor Machine -- Bodilizer Bodisizer
4 ... Zongamin -- Third Uncle (Demo)
5 ... the Gossip -- Standing In the Way Of Control (Le Tigre Remix)
6 ... To My Boy -- xRAY