Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 9

radio biabdbi vol. 9: new deal
I started my Japanese-themed mixes on an impulse. And, as is usual with impulses, it didn't last. It's not all my fault -- the dudes in Shiubuya are in the wrong here because they're not making awesome tracks anymore! -- but regardless, I feel like I've got a good thing goin' with these mixes.
I would like to continue them. So, this week we take a complete turn around ... these tracks are all (a) new, (b) awesome, and (c) make me sweaty.
Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 9: New Deal
1 ... Shit Robot -- The Wrong Galaxy
2 ... Metric -- Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)
3 ... Hot Chip -- Boy From School
4 ... King Biscuit Time -- Kwangchow
5 ... Phoenix -- Rally
6 ... Motor -- Spazm
7 ... Toy -- Don't Be