Okay, let's try something new and different here.

As longtime readers (or even, to an extent, new ones) have realized, this blog is experiencing a midlife crisis. My work at Anthem consumes too much time for BBBD to be front and center in the way it used to be, and I've generally become disillusioned and dispassioned by the ease with which one can create and sustain a music blog.

The joy of discovery and in-depth investigation is what makes blogging so fun -- or at least what used to make it so exciting and alluring to me. When blogging is seen as some easy format for malleable and disposable marketing or promotion, though, creators need to take a step back and assess both where they are and where they want to be ... and wonder if the answer is consistent with what made them so happy to express themselves online in the first place.

I'm by no means wagging the finger at others here, nor am I suggesting everything morph into something "new." For me, though, the task of finding music and then disseminating it in a meaningful way has all but disappeared.

This, I believe, is due part to my apparent desire to look back upon musical tropes for "answers" and cohesion: everything I listen to today, I innately assume, is somehow rooted in the past and explained in the pages of compendiums and encyclopedias like The Trouser Press or New Wave Vol. 1. This is certainly not the case, and by no means the way I approach listening to music in the real and everyday world.

I also understand fully now that the brand that a blog represents and the inherent voice it has make the opinions and meaning within it blossom. There's no reason for me to call one artist out as crap and hail another when you all know essentially what my musical preferences are, for example. If you trust me, then you'll come back, eager for more tunes.

I feel as though I've taken advantage of the respect and merit that I've attained (what little of it I have attained is questionable) and feel the need to just ... share again.

So: lengthy introduction aside, I'm making a new series of posts. All of my future write-ups will be a part of this overarching series. In an effort to unearth, (re)discover, and better understand the music that surrounds us -- and surrounded us -- for every 25, 50, 75, or some arbitrary number of posts, I'm going to select one genre to deeply delve into (or as deeply as my self-imposed restrictions allow me to).

Since I'm feeling Hercules & Love Affair right now (keep an eye out for the Anthem video we produced with them) and everyone seems to be into disco of some variety, I'll begin with that (hence the "D"). I now present you Hercule. The Italo-disco artist recorded a couple tracks back in the late-1970s and that's essentially the extent to which we know him. "Little Green Man" is the b-side on the "Sunday Morning Fever" 12". It sounds like Plastics attempting a heavy, funky disco cut. Check it out below and buy the vinyl at Turntable Lab.

I've explained myself, so don't expect this again in the future. Lastly, I'll still randomly post films we produce for an added bit of exposure.

Hercule - Little Green Man

Buy it at Insound!


Anonymous said…
This is my numero uno blog

its great - keep it up
i am here every day, and its one of the only blogs that doesn't rush through press releases and complimentry modular mp3s as an exclusive, just to find every blog posting the same content in the next 24 hours

so thanks mr mercer

from Australia
Nicholas Mercer said…
This is exactly what I needed, sir. Thank you! Positive response like yours is what has made me want to keep this thing going as opposed to just dropping the ball.

Rest assured, I'm on the right path now and am looking forward to just sharing stuff with all my values readers from this point on!

Again, many thanks!
Anonymous said…
I agree with T...keep it up, man. It's so refreshing to hear someone who really loves music,wants to understand its roots, and share it with others, rather than just FOLLOWING the already established pact.

I think the biggest problem with the whole hipster/art blog scene is that it's focused on what's trendy, and what LOOKS good, rather than what is good. I can't tell you how many bands I see on posts sound exactly the same or are mediocre at best. It's incredibly annoying and depressing. It makes me feel that everyone is so keen on "fitting in" with a certain genre that people forget that as bloggers/consumers YOU as an individual should evaluate...not just listen to what someone else thinks is cool!

So really...don't get discouraged. There are a lot of dumb people are there who don't take the time to critically analyze what's going on in the world, let alone the music scene. Let them do there own thing and ignore it.

keep it up!
Madame Lamb said…
the way i look at it there are two popular types of music blogs right now: timeless music blogs, and hipster music blogs. the ladder will fade away like kabbalah bracelets & neon shades.

although I already knew bbbd was more like the former, i'm happy to have a bit of verification from you

keep on rockin in the free world-
love yukari fresh
Dodus said…
Always a pleasure to hit on BBBD during my routine (and tedious) blog-scouring and get my head pushed in new, more interesting, and more thoughtful directions. You're writing the best kind of blog for the best kind of audience. You better not still be sweating it. Kudos dude!

Anonymous said…
Please don't give up! I am a regular reader (from Germany) and your blog is such an inspiring place.