Anthem Magazine Coachella Party '09

Anthem Coachella 2009 Party Teaser from Anthem Magazine on Vimeo.
It’s a new day in America, and we at Anthem are celebrating it this year with a Western-themed fiesta out in Indio. Now that Bush Jr. is gone, we’re ready to celebrate our red-white-and-blue heritage with a bucking bronco, sloppy joes & ribs, and an endless river of ice cold Bud. We're also embracing our newfound socialism by inviting a cast of European DJ's to work the 1s and 2s this year. Belgian's Aeroplane will be making an exclusive U.S. debut appearance and DFA partners-in-crime Cage & Aviary from the U.K. will be hoping the pond, too. You’ve probably heard rumors about our famously decadent pool parties, but this time around we’re one-upping ourselves -- there’ll also be a private lake. No joke.

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Don Simon said…
Typo - Aeroplane are Belgian.