One's & Two's: Boozoo Bajou

Our latest One's & Two's podcast was with the spacey Nuremberg, Germany duo, Boozoo Bajou. The pair specialize in making these really ambient tracks that incorporate world music rhythms and dance floor beats alike. Everything's really low-key and relatively slow, sure, but beneath that, there's this amazingly funky groovy-ness.

Be sure to pick up their latest LP, Grains -- it's out now on !K7.

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One's & Two's - Boozoo Bajou Mix

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Anonymous said…
Will check it out, hello!
Mark said…
Boozoo Bajou's mixes are a combination sentimental, techno and groovy style. It's good in setting up an ambiance. check their myspace account. and check out their music. wish i could see them doing their recording.