BBBD Mix: "Radio Edit"

It's a truly beautiful day in New York, so I decided to meet up with a friend at Washington Square Park and get out of Brooklyn. The sunshine, comforting breeze, and autumnal foliage palette inspired me to make another BBBD mix for all of you! I know, the workday is over by now (at least for us EST'ers), but I urge you to download this sucker and save it for tomorrow if you are indeed en route to dinner, prime-time TV, and bed. Maybe the weather won't be quite so spectacular when you return to the office and you'll find yourself itching for a pick-me-up.

Strap yourself in for a solid 40-minute mix, folks!

Oh, yeah, and I made a goof between the diskJokke and N.D.B. songs―my sincere apologies for that in advance... I'll work on subduing these twitchy fingers!

(1) Andrew Weatherall, "Walk Of Shame"
(2) diskJokke, "Some Signs Are Always Good"
(3) Neurotic Drum Band, "Robotic Hypnotic Adventure"
(4) Still Going, "Spaghetti Circus (Radio Edit)"
(5) Lindstrøm and Christabelle, "Baby Can't Stop (Radio Edit)"
(6) Beyonce, "Broken-Hearted Girl (Alan Braxe Remix Radio Edit)"
(7) Jackpot, "Encounter"
(8) Karen Young, "Hot Shot"
(9) Ramona Brooks, "I Don't Want You Back"
(10) Greg Wilson, "Walking On Confusion"

Nik Mercer - Radio Edit Mix

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Derek said…
Nice mix Nik!
Nicholas Mercer said…
Thank you, sir! Fun things to work on and attempt to get better at making. I miss you!