I've got a little 40-minute Friday mix for all of you! This one's quite the heavy-duty banger, though, so be warned as it may not be safe for work or any calm environment.

A few of the tunes I've already posted, but a good number of them are new to the blog. If anything, hopefully this will get you psyched for the weekend; it certainly got me pumped up before I went out last night!

(1) Lindstrøm & Christabelle, "Baby Can't Stop (Aeroplane Remix)"
(2) Bottin, "Sciarando El Scurro"
(3) Lindstrøm, "Breakfast In Heaven (diskJokke Remix)"
(4) Vitalic, "Flashmob"
(5) CFCF, "The Explorers (feat. Sally Shapiro)"
(6) Matias Aguayo, "Rollerskate (Radio Edit)"
(7) Âme, "Setsa"
(8) Majeure, "Teleforce"
(9) Munk, "Back Down (Cut Copy Jackmaster Remix)"
(10) Korallreven, "Loved-Up"

Nik Mercer - Breakfast In Heaven Mix

Buy it at Insound!


dau-al-set said…
this is what i call music