Dead Disco Pulls № 6

Let's cut to the chase and get some music in your ears to finish off this beautiful Wednesday with even more sunshine and warmth than the weather's already dishing out!

I've been absolutely hooked on all three of these songs recently and thought you all should get addicted as well. LocusSolus is a group that DJ Harvey picked up for his "DJ Harvey Presents" series of 12"s on International Feel Recordings. When I say nothing is known about them, I mean it. Think dubbed out cosmic disco.

The Neula remix is a thick, syrupy house track overloaded with bright piano ditties, funky conga beats, and synth swirls. Instant cheer.

Brinton McKay is a pseudonym that John Selway (Neurotic Drum Band, Disintegrator, Rancho Relaxo Allstars) has been sporadically and rarely using for edits since 2000. The track is insanely fun and magical... but don't let me spoil it for you!

In addition to listening to Dead Disco every Friday (I know you all do), please, if you're in NYC, come to the party I'm throwing with Jacques Renault this Thursday, March 18. It's a monthly that we plan on having indefinitely at this juncture. Come support me, Jacques, and our first guest, Brennan Green! All the information you'd ever need can be found here.

LocusSolus - Little Boots

Neule - Pierced Heart (LSB Piano Magic Remix)

Brinton McKay - Track 1

Buy it at Insound!