One's & Two's: Jacques Renault

My good friend, the DJ/producer Jacques Renault, and I recently teamed up to commence a series of monthly dance parties at the subMercer, a club of both the highest quality and oddest decor/aesthetic. Get all the information regarding the rager right here, at Resident Advisor, or over on the Facebook. New York legend Brennan Green will be joining Jacques, so know that the party will be absolutely bonkers and certainly go strong until 4 AM.

Jacques kindly put together a disco- and house-heavy hour-long mix for Anthem in promotion of the gig. Check it out at Anthem Online.

Jacques Renault - One's & Two's Mix

Buy it at Insound!


mannen said…
Tracklist? ID on track @ 16.15
Unknown said…
I believe it's Ramona Brooks - I Don't Want You Back (Instrumental)

Check it out:

Tho a full tracklist wouldn't hurt ;)
Anonymous said…
that track is

"Rebound Groove" of "Rio Edits"

check it out :)