100 Flowers

Otherwise known as the Urinals and Chairs of Perception.

L.A. punk band formed in the late 70s that, despite rarely writing songs more intricate than the two-chord variety, released a handful of singles, EPs, and LPs over the span of about five years.

The first Urinals 7-inch was primitive, to say the least, but their emphasis on crude, pounding rhythms—not to mention erraticness and abruptness—gave them a voice of their own. Often, they'd fall into these loops of syncopated rhythm that are as uncharacteristically unexpected (syncopated rhythm in punk?) as they are stylistically fitting (play enough A minor to F chords with your buddies and you'll eventually find yourselves locked into some sort of syncopation, intentional or not).

Gang of Four abrasiveness and acidity with the easiness and breeziness of SoCal acts like the Minutemen.