The Boy Hairdressers

The other day, I was flipping through some Jim Lambie work. I'd always known he was in bands when he was a younger man, but that was the the extent of my knowledge; I'd never heard anything he recorded pre-technicolor tape rainbows. I didn't really know his career before the vaunted tape rainbows.

The group he was in was called the Boy Hairdressers, which was led by Norman Blake before he joined BMX Bandits for a few years, and, more notably, co-founded Teenage Fanclub.

Sensitive, cute indie pop that really couldn't get any more twee.

(Speaking of Teenage Fanclub, people always talk about Bandwagonesque, which is certainly my favorite, but if you've never listened to the debut, A Catholic Education, fix that now.)

Basically, the Boy Hairdressers moved over to BMX Bandits before morphing into Teenage Fanclub. I'm oversimplifying here, but that's essentially what happened. One of the members, Joe McAlinden, though, was only peripherally involved with the group before he quit and started a new one, Superstar. And Superstar is new to me. They are remarkably similar to early Fanclub, which is more of an observation than a complaint.

Lambie had already set his guitar aside by the time all these guys had reconfigured into their new bands, but he clearly stayed friends with the lot of them: he designed sleeves for BMX Bandits and, once it crystallized, Superstar.

And that's my little story for the day.