Between Meals, "Oh No I Just Knocked Over a Cup of Coffee"

Today calls for some Jad Fair, I'd say. Today feels unhinged, unglued, maybe a little madcap. Or perhaps that's just what I want it to morph into, and I'm listening to Jad in the hopes his energy manifests into some wildness around me.

Between Meals is one of many side projects the Half Japanese copilot assembled over the years. Also in the ensemble was Andy Paley (Modern Lovers!), David Greenberger (The Duplex Planet!), Erik Lindgren (Arf! Arf! Records!), Phil Milstein (a bunch of stuff!), and Moe Tucker (Moe Tucker!) Pretty cool collection of cats from the Boston region in the early 80s. I'm pretty sure the record marks Tucker's first collaboration with Fair (they went on to do things like '87's Moejadkatebarry and parts of '89's Life in Exile After Abdication together), but I'm not certain. Either way, it's an early partnering.

Expect more dispatches on Beantown soon. Trying to familiarize myself with the contours of that city's history I've let pass me by.


Madison said…
Nice bloog you have