Dome, "Dome 3"

Colin Newman might be the best-known member of Wire (I think that's fair), but Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis, the other guitarist and bassist, respectively, had their moments, too, and they produced some really interesting work after the group split, both together and separately.

Recently, I've been getting into their Dome project, one of the many projects Gilbert started immediately following the first disbanding of Wire. (Another one was Cupol, which released one very good, very terse, very severe EP on 4AD in 1980. An expanded reissue was put out by San Francisco's Dark Entries a couple years ago.)

Some of the Dome stuff is just too much. It's too abstract and too... hostile, and it can feel sort of boring, frankly, but a chunk of their output is strong, namely the third album, which featured Russell Mills and the man behind Mute, Daniel Miller.

It rattles and clangs like the others, and it feels genuinely haunted, possessed, and yet it's a captivating and exciting record.