BBBD 2019 Playlists

A quick post to make note of my two 2019 playlists.

As with last year, I'm maintaining a pair of these, one that collects all the "new" music (read: records from this calendar year) I enjoy, one that does the same for the "old" (read: anything from any time up until about ten years ago—what is sometimes referred to as "catalog"). They're both easily accessible over at the Playlists subpage, though a big part of why I'm housing them on Spotify is so you can follow them there. Do that. They will inevitably get big.

This episode in... erm... legacy audio is probably going to be a little broader and not orbit around my first-time plays quite as much as the last one did; I want it to be a truer, more comprehensive overview of what I got into during the course of the twelve months we've just begun journeying through, so don't be surprised if what might be considered slightly more obvious appears.