Though they bubbled out of the UK shoegaze movement of the late 80s, early 90s, Moose bucked the feedback-buttressed wall-of-sound that scene's mainstays embraced and instead honed a style more acoustic and psychedelic in nature. While listening to ...XYZ, their 1992 debut, I kept hearing glints of the Jesus and Mary Chain's Stoned and Dethroned or the gentler moments of Primal Scream's Give out but Don't Give Up; like those records, there's an undercurrent of twangy Americana thrusting it forward.

Interestingly, Dolores O'Riordon sang harmonies on "Soon Is Never Soon Enough," one of the sunnier moments on the album, and Liz Fraser did the same on "Play God," the swooning first track off their second full-length.