The Jazz Butcher

The Jazz Butcher, like Mark E. Smith's Fall and Lawrence's Felt, was less a static band and more an eccentric frontman—in this case, Pat Fish, né Huntrods—with a vigorous work ethic serviced by an every-shifting coterie of collaborators. He was nominally an 80s jangle pop musician, one slightly askew of the scene's center; he dabbled in acoustic rock and lovey-dovey ballads and busking jazz when others were shoegazing or popping ecstasy.

David J, after leaving Bauhaus, before forming Love and Rockets, and seemingly between his first and second solo albums, was a member of the group, actually; he was the bassist on both 1984's A Scandal In Bohemia and 1985's Sex and Travel.

One of the songs he's credited with penning is "Walk with the Devil," essentially a brisk waltz carved out of a brittle, spindly tremolo lead, folky rhythm, and appropriately bleak lyrics.