Virna Lindt

Well, this is fun. Virna Lindt was a "journalist, model, linguist, literary agent, and interpreter" (citation very much needed) who released a couple good albums in the mid-80s. Synth-pop with a Joe Jackson adultness (blame it on the horns, the sax, the absence of guitar) and a quirkiness, wackiness that very much reminds me of favorites, like Pizzicato Five, Mikado, Japanese city pop productions. It's urbanity and late-night slinkiness arranged for dinky karaoke machines; despite the sophisticated vibe, most of these songs are rendered with supersaturated hypercolor paints smeared on with brushes from the bubblegum toolbox.
Often, her husky yet whispy voice brings to mind the Gentle Peoples' Laurie Lemans, which, might I add, didn't show up until ten or so years after she stopped putting out music.