Happy Days

happy days
I've got one more Canadian musician up my sleeve before I go on a short internet-less hiatus.
Victor Scott is from Vancouver, but he's all over the place. Influences include ...
hip-hop, mariachi instrumentals, folkish pop ballads, soundtrack stylings with dialogue samples, the ghost of Antonio Carlos Jobim, and brassy butt-shaking dance music with bawdy double entendres.

He even describes his newest record, Happy Days (out on SVC Records), as a "schizo kind of a record," which I guess it sort of is.
But none of the above comments are meant to be negative! Quite the opposite! Scott's collage of sound is overwhelming enjoyable and intriguing. Funk is a really lively style of music, right? Real upbeat, real energetic, but when Scott does his own take on funk, with "Gotta Go" it's not like that at all! It's laid back, chill, and sort of soft. But it's that sort of thing that makes his style so cool ... his music is all at once familiar, but ... different. Charming, but not necessarily cute, and on the edge of lo-fi, but with high-quality production values. This guy's got it together.
Victor Scott - Gotta Go
Victor Scott - Mareel
Victor Scott - Airstream
Victor Scott - Golf
Victor Scott - The Laundromat Song (Happy Days B-Side)
Victor Scott - Superman (Happy Days B-Side)