Weekly: An Assortment

the rezillos
I didn't want to consecutively post two Vibrations, so I decided to call this a weekly, even though it has not uniting "theme."
Do you all know the Rezillos (sometimes call the Revillos)? They were this really cool Scottish band that played in the 70s and 80s. Like, a hybrid of New Wave and Glam and Punk ... they played this really fun stuff ... sometimes garage, sometimes surf, always with that New Wave sheen, and always in creative costumes stolen from the set of Flash Gordon.
While the Ms aren't quite the same since their music is more indie based -- and incorporates more rock 'n' roll -- they give off a similar vibe. They wear cool costumes, and are just as much about a fun style as they are about a fun sound. Listen to Plan Of The Man. Their album, Future Women will be out on February 21st on Polyvinyl.
Oakley Hall is cool, too ... being described as a sort of modern X: a "smarter," yet slightly old-fashioned (phew) style of punk. Listen to Lazy Susan, Landlord, and Eyes, Lock, and Steel.
And then I've got the National Eye, a group which has been around for a couple years, but has only caught my attention uh ... today. Again, sort of indie psych rock stuff -- very appealing in it's sort of compressed sound. Everything is drawn out, yet short; accessible, yet beautiful. I like them, and am looking forward to their next record, Roomful of Lions, due out on February 14th. Listen to At the Bottom of the Pool (from their 2003 album, The Meter Glows). They've got lots of songs that you can stream on their music page, though.