Weekly: Ages

the ladies
I cannot tell you how frustrating it is for me to have no internet. It's weird, though -- I keep thinking myself, "man, I need to update the blog," like it's a reflex, but I don't really know why I keep thinking that. I mean, deep down, there ain't nothin' wrong with a weekly update. That's the name of this bloody post, anyway.
More importantly, though, it sucks not having good internet resources because I can't download stuff as much as I used to. It's no fun waiting a day or two for one album, especially when I don't even know if I'll like it or not!
But here's some stuff that I do like ... read on!

I will never forget seeing Hella live. The drummer was like, in constant spasm, and that bizarrely enhanced his performance. Like, you know how humans become much more powerful under stress -- to the point where they can even pry someone they love from under a small car or something? Well, this drummer must be under a lot of stress, because I have no idea where the hell he gets his energy from. But I digress ... that drummer isn't even in the Ladies, a two-piece group, formed by Zach Hill (the other half of Hella) and Rob Crow (one of the dudes from Pinback). This band is cool. Imagine Hella being the band version of Pnin by V. Nabokov. You've just finished reading it, but you don't get it, so you pick up the Cliff Notes and, what do ya know -- it makes sense! The Ladies are like that for Hella ... they make sense, hearing them. When I saw Hella I was sort of like, "uh -- what the hell is going on up there? Whatever -- it looks awesome!" But the Ladies make it all understandable and more accessible. So listen to Empathy On A Stick to get what I mean.
I remember listening to Nobody a while back ... sort of cool DJ, I guess. Nothing too special, though, was what I though of his ...And Everything Else record. But he just recently collaborated with Mystic Chords Of Memory and created this awesome record called Tree Colored See. It's sort of ... hippie sounding. That laid-back DJ vibe combined with those chill vocals work well together, though. Okay -- I don't have a whole lot more to say about the release, so just download Broader A New Sound and see for yourself.
Now, I know this is getting a lot of hype, this new Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, "Gold Lions." But I'm gonna share it with you guys to save you the trouble of wasting too much time Google-ing it! I like this song, though ... as usual, Nick Zinner tears it up with his excellent guitar playing, and Karen O. wails throughout, but this song is different. Maybe it's the chain gang vibe ... maybe it's just a more focused piece. All of their energy has been compressed into something very accessible. Okay -- download Gold Lion. Can't wait for the album to hit.
Liars, one of my favorite groups, has been a bit of a let-down as of late, haven't they? Obscurity and obscenity do not make up for lack of creativity. I wish they'd put themselves forth a little more and make something as exciting as their debut was.
That's what I though until I heard "The Other Side Of Mt. Heart Attack," a stunningly ... pretty song from the group. Where the hell did this come from!? It makes me a little weepy, which is absolutely bizarre as this is ... Liars we're talking' here! Anyway -- download the song here, and tell me what you think of it! I was very pleasantly surprised!
Little Claw is ... man are they bizarre. Described as experimental folk punk, they are edgy and sharp and eerie. Siouxsie Sioux-esque vocals, spooky guitar lines, and a very sparse production make them uber slick and modern, but retro in a post-punk sort of way. Listen to Ice Age, Shewolves, and Eel Dances.
And now just a quick mention of British music ...
Morning Runner is simple, cut and dry, and fun punk-inspired pop. I like this new wave of British pop ... happier than punk was, but not quite a poppy as Brit-pop legends like Blur and others were. Go to their website and listen to their streamed songs. Something about the vocals and reverb reminds me of Oasis, which I am not too keen about, though ...