Today, I've a couple strange ones for you all.

First is Danny Keith's "Keep On Music." The 12" was released via Time Records in 1984 and is a pretty strange one. Imagine Depeche Mode with a slightly less eerie and morbid vibe and less intelligible lyrics. "Keep On Music" is the Italo-disco response to "Enjoy the Silence" (or rather, "Enjoy the Silence" is the post-punk response to "Keep On Music"). The track was "executive" produced by Gianni Corraini (a.k.a. Danny Keith while on Time Records) and produced by Giuliano Crivellente, one of the most prolific of his time.

Second is Klein & M.B.O.'s "Dirty Talk." This isn't the rarest track ever (it appeared on Röyksopp's 2007 Back to Mine compilation, for example), but it's really great. The duo was actually only half Italian: Mario Boncaldo represented Italy while Tony Carrasco came from the States. The 12" was released by a ton of independents in 1982, the notorious of which being the TMT Records cut (maybe). Both Boncaldo and Carrasco produced and worked on a great many dance singles in the late-1970s through ... today, actually. Interestingly enough, Carrasco is still kicking in N.Y.C., and working on a decent number of projects.

Anyway. Jam the night away. I know I certainly need to.

Danny Keith - Keep On Music

Klein & M.B.O. - Dirty Talk

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sooo nice, i appreciate this blog, keep up the good work, cheers from vienna!