We're getting weirder and weirder here (and a little newer).

Starting in 1986, the Dutch label, Taurus Records has been releasing a whole bunch of primarily 12" singles. Most of them are pretty out there and totally underground -- and I suspect that a bunch of them completely blow -- but there're a few gems that stand out, particularly Radiorama's "Fire" 12" from 1988.

Radiorama was Mauro Farina on lead vocals, Simona Zanini on female vocals, and Mauro Farina and Giuliano Crivellente on arrangement, composition, and conduction. The Italo-disco act (which eventually turned into more of a Hi-NRG one) was formed in 1985 and still exists today, albeit it in an altered and more amorphous form. "Fire (Special R.E.M.I.X.E.D. Version)" uses a classical song that I'm completely blanking on right now as its core riff and adds a whole bunch of Pet Shop Boys-esque production on top. The thing's dripping with mildly-cheesy disco jams and late-1980s vocals, but there's something really infectious about the tune and I recommend you check it out. Radiorama released a total of four 12"s on Taurus Records, but this one really sticks out for its epic quality (and the fact that the R.E.M.I.X.E.D. version was by the great Lex van Coeverden).

I'm still a little shaky on M.B.O. 99, but "Don't Let Me Down (99 Remix)" is pretty good. The outfit was fronted by Mario Boncaldo (of M.B.O. & Klein, which I wrote about in "D03") with Angelo Valsiglio also being credited as a co-writer and producer. The below remix doesn't seem to have been featured on the 1985 "Don't Let Me Down Again" 12", but that doesn't negate its coolness. The three-track single was put out by Discomagic Records which has released an ungodly number dance cuts.

Dig them both. I'm off to 88BoaDrum for some brain-melting and mind-numbing.

Radiorama - Fire (Special R.E.M.I.X.E.D. Version)

M.B.O. 99 - Don't Let Me Down Again (99 Remix)

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Unknown said…
In Radiorama's Fire at about 5:13 it sounds like Pachelbel's Canon in D.
Anonymous said…
If you like a little bit of camp Euro-disco then have you come across this...


Best tune is probably: 'You Know'

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