Now we're going to the Netherlands for a super quick visit.

In 1983, Bas Fortgens, Hans De Witt, and Paul Vrieling came together to form Modern Danceable Music Company, or M.D.M.C. The trio released three singles and a triple-disc vinyl LP, and then all but vanished. (Literally, none of them have done any "real" work since the band split.)

The debut single, "How About It" first appeared as a 12" on High Fashion Music, Benelux's biggest and most prolific Italo-disco label. The song represents a sort of hybridization of the Tom Tom Club and heavy, jammy disco cuts ... with some old school DJ scratching thrown in for an added dose of confusion (and fun!)

I'm hoping that by posting this, the band will realize its awesomeness once again and reissue everything they did. Needless to say, they've been wrongly overlooked for too long.

M.D.M.C. - How About It (12" Version)

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