I wrote about Cerrone's early band, Kongas, last time, but failed to really talk up his band made Don Ray. Ray (born Raymond Donnez) wasn't involved with a whole lot outside of Kongas, but he did do some interesting stuff without Cerrone's involvement ... namely Sumeria.

Sumeria was Ray and Alec R. Costandinos, one of the most notorious and prolific disco artists of the 1970s. The duo only put out one 7", one 12", and LP (linear logic, right?), but covered a whole mess of bases with the handful of tracks they dropped.

Here're a couple tunes from the 1977 album Golden Tears. Italo-disco cuts are all at once super easy to get the gist of and incredibly difficult to distill into formulas or trends. Sumeria is no exception: this stuff sounds discoy, but ... there's an artfulness and skillfulness to it that's unusual. Boogie.

Sumeria - Cosmic Traveler

Sumeria - Golden Tears

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