Giancarlo Meo was a relatively major disco producer in the 1970s and 1980s. He worked extensively with the great Banana Records (if you're looking for solid fun, go to Banana) and did quite a bit of work for C.B.S. among many others.

Below are a few of my favorite tunes produced by Meo. He didn't do his own stuff, really, although he was in a "band" or two, including Capricorn. Maybe I'll publish some stuff by them in the future.

Everything that Meo touched was graced with this amazing synthetic yet incredibly organic vibe. Production-wise, his cuts sound a little cold, but the warm vocals, energetic bass lines, and funky filters make all the stuff loads of fun. Jam.

Easy Going - Baby I Love You (Extended Remix)

Vivien Vee - Wanna Feel

Vivien Vee - Gotta Go

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