Two posts in two days! I'm back to my old tricks -- sort of.

I acknowledge that there was a big gap between "D07" and "D08," so I'm trying to deliver the goods that you, my trusted readers, were in want of over the past couple weeks.

Today, we look at Macho, a group fronted by the great Italian vocalist Marzio Vincenzi with his friend, Mauro Malavasi, standing in on production duties. Vincenzi was most active in the late-1970s and early-1980s, not only working on Macho efforts, but also pursuing other solo outlets like Marzio and Marsius. I can't dig up anything he did under the latter two monikers, but I'm expecting their in a similar vein. Macho's music is high-energy Italo-disco with a heavier, rockier vibe underscoring the flamboyant vocals, horns, and ultra-funky bass lines.

I really enjoy their second LP, Roll (and I'm not just saying that being of the rad cover art!): it's a confident merging of gritty, electronic dance and incredibly catchy, somewhat goofy disco. Check out a couple tunes from the record below and send me stuff by Marzio or Marsius if you've got it! I can't express how badly I want to hear that stuff!

Macho - Got To Make A Move

Macho - Montreal

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