533 Mix 01

Alright, let's start with some cold, hard facts here.

I live in downtown Los Angeles at a loft that provides more than one function for me (keeping a roof over my head): it's also a studio and gallery space. I don't produce art, but I live here -- it's enjoyable.

We like to throw parties. They may not be the biggest around; they may not be the loudest on the block; they may not be the most crowded -- but they are a lot of fun, and they tend to attract a rainbow pastiche of people.

Last night we had one such shindig to celebrate a friend's birthday. Below is my entire DJ set from the night (it's nearly four hours long). I don't have a tracklist for it and I wasn't in top form. While the thing starts well, it degrades over the course of 220 minutes or so of audio. If anything, this'll keep you occupied for the bulk of your work day, so check it out for that if nothing else!

It features loads of disco, plenty of minimal, a few handfuls of Latin stuff, and some goofball jams (courtesy of my "partner" for the night, DJ Pussyfinger, who has an obsession with Pulp and all things Jarvis Cocker). Lastly, due to technical difficulties, the mix was interrupted twice. I cut out the blank spots, but they sound a little choppy. Be warned.


Hot Flesh & Pussyfinger - 533 Mix 01

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Unknown said…
No Kidding I live in Downtown LA too! When's your next party?
Anonymous said…
"Keep it up, keep it up, baby.."
what song?
Nicholas Mercer said…
That would be "Keep It Up" by Nightfall. Coincidentally, the forthcoming "D12" piece is going to include that song and some other work by the producer, Cory Robbins. Expect something tonight or tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
Sweeter than sweet mix. Thanks.

Love your blog. Always eclectic and very interesting.

Pop by and see if you enjoy mine here: http://therecommender.net

Anonymous said…
You live in the top floor lofts?
Unknown said…
dope mix! listening to it about a week on repeat
what starts playing on 36:07? thanks!