BBBD MIX: "101808"

It's early on Saturday morning in L.A. -- what would be a more appropriate thing to post than a relatively subdued mix made by yours truly?

This one's more focused than the previous one -- and significantly shorter (it runs a bit longer than forty-five minutes) -- but hopefully just as fun and/or interesting.

There's some weird stuff on it ... if you want to know what anything is, leave a comment and inquire! I promise to start making tracklists.
Note: The very end of the mix cuts off ... I'm not sure why that is since it happens probably less than a minute before it was supposed to end.

Nik Mercer - 101808 Mix

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Anonymous said…
Very nice mix!

Chevy Chaser said…
what is the first track on that other mix down there? the one that´s live.
Nicholas Mercer said…
That's actually not a live track ... it's an Arthur Russell demo from Love Is Overtaking Me.
Anonymous said…
nice mix any cahnge of getting an mp3 of just "love is overtaking me"

Unknown said…
I like this mix too, what's the last track? (they singing "good for you")