Continuing my fascination with producers, I present you all Cory Robbins, a relatively minor disco guy who may not have been especially prolific, but the stuff he did do was pretty impressive.

Everything Robbins touched (1977 - 1984 or so) has this incredible whiff of snooty cocktail parties and dramatic big band productions. On top of that underscored charisma, Robbins dropped awesome disco bass lines, vocal melodies, funky guitar hooks, and dancey horns and strings.

So ... what do we have here? First up is Front Page's "Love Insurance," a cut Robbins made in 1979. As with 90% of disco acts from the 1970s and 1980s, Front Page literally recorded only one song. It's a fun one, though, so who can complain?

Second is Nightfall's "Keep It Up," a jam that cracks me up every time I hear it. It's saucy and light and strangely sexy, but ... yeah, a bit cheesy. Listen to it a.s.a.p. and you'll get my meaning.

Third is Betty LaVette's "Doin' the Best That I Can." LaVette was actually a bit of a child star, beginning her recording career in 1962 at the tender age of 16. Once the disco thing rolled around, she put out a few singles that Robbins produced, including the wonderful "Doin' the Best That I Can" which was, at one point, featured on a split 12" with Arthur Russell's Loose Joints -- and something of a hit. The disco world was a small one ... and one that never excluded anyone.

Front Page - Love Insurance

Nightfall - Keep It Up

Betty LaVette - Doin' the Best That I Can

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Nathan said…
I think the Lavette track is the Walter Gibbons extension. FYI.
Bruce said…
where can I find the LaVette track?