BBBD Mix: "The Rain"

It's been something like a month since I last made a mix, and on account of it being my girlfriend's birthday, I feel especially festive right now. So: without further ado, I present you with "The Rain," the latest BBBD mix. I think the tracklist describes its vibe better than my words would be able to.

Note: Be warned of one big train wreck between the second and third song. My apologies in advance.

(1) Sorcerer, "Shaolin Style"
(2) CFCF, "Monolith"
(3) Altair Nouveau, "Street Thunder II"
(4) Ramona Brooks, "I Don't Want You"
(5) Arcade Lover, "Fantasy Lines"
(6) Shit Robot, "Simple Things (Todd Terje Version)"
(7) Sally Shapiro, "Love In July"
(8) Majeure, "Teleforce"
(9) Lindstrøm, "The Magnificent"
(10) D-Pulse, "Highway To Saturn"

Nik Mercer - The Rain Mix

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