Alright, I'll be honest here―the main reason I'm posting right now is to test out Google Docs' latest innovation―PDF embedding! Since I feel conflicted by writing something without including music, though, I figured I had to tack a song on to the PDF. I've been listening to the Michael Zager Band's "Life's A Party" nonstop today, so it seemed only appropriate to doll it out to all of you kind readers.

I've professed my deep love and admiration for Zager previously, but this song is notable for an additional reason outside of my fandom: Cissy and Whitney Houston provided vocals for it. Back in '77―a few years before Whitney's leap to superstardom―the chanteuse was recruited by the disco maestro for "Life's A Party," a tune that's not quite as good as "Let's All Chant" but certainly up there. It's bouncy―almost flamboyantly elastic―and especially tightly arranged. Whitney and her mother belt out the lyrics with incredible conviction, and, excitingly, sound like they're competing for the top prize at a mother/daughter talent show: Whitney solos with the exuberance of a young teen while Cissy shreds with a professionalism you can only acquire after decades of being in The Industry. Enjoy!

Michael Zager Band - Life's A Party

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