Greg Wilson, Credit To the Edit Vol. 2

Greg Wilson made history (and one hell of a comeback) with the 2005 release of Credit To the Edit Vol. 1, a Tirk Recorings compilation of the legendary DJ's, you guessed it, edits. For those of you who don't know Wilson (or, better yet, haven't had the pleasure of meeting the man and absolutely chewing his ear off for a full evening!), here's his story in a nutshell. Back in the 70s, Wilson started playing around with disc-jockeying after being greatly influenced by "black music" clubs in the U.K. He began incorporating all sorts of funk, soul, disco, and rap with more traditional DJ fodder, oftentimes using a reel-to-reel setup in addition to the widespread turntable one. After scoring numerous gigs and residencies, Factory Records/New Order's club, the Haçienda, picked him up as a regular DJ, possibly in an effort to overhaul the decaying venue's horrendous reputation and unmatched debt. Shortly after getting the Haçienda job, though, Wilson diped out of the limelight and truly stopped DJ'ing for about 20 years, instead producing for others and raising a son. The man was clever in that he knew he'd make a return to the nightlife scene, but wanted to do so only after enough time had passed for his reputation to have fully aged.

Credit To the Edit Vol. 1 was a spectacular collection of edits Wilson put out on Tirk in the early 2000s that, for the most part, revolve around 70s and 80s jams. Every one of Wilson's cuts is impressive in its sublime, utterly natural integration of buttery "black music" (his words not mine!) and energized, punchy electronic dance. Below are three samples from the seminal comp.

Since Credit To the Edit immediately came off as looking like a series, what with the "volume" being thrown around and all, us diehard fans first freaked out about the record itself and then, almost immediately thereafter, asked ourselves when the second installation would be hitting shelves. Well, it took a little longer than at least I suspected it would, but the good news is that Credit To the Edit Vol. 2 is dropping in November!

Unlike the first one, this new 12-track compilation "provides a perfect illustration of how the present is being shaped by the past, with artists from both sides of the Atlantic producing great new tracks that take their inspiration from the type of music highlighted in the first volume, neatly serving to bring the project full circle in the process." In short, volume 2 is less invested in the past and more in connecting sounds of the 80s to those of today―in a boogie-inducing way, of course! Enjoy these older edits and get psyched for the forthcoming sophomore swing! You can find the full tracklist after the jump.

Raw DMX - Do It To the Funk (Edit)

Kool & the Gang - Sesame Seed (Edit)

Mike T. - T.'s On the Mike (Edit)

1. Love Is The Drug / Roxy Music
2. Don't Turn It Off / 40 Thieves (Feat Qzen)
3. Voodoo Ray / A Guy Called Gerald
4. Love Honey / Sugardaddy
5. Secret Sunday Lover / 1gnition
6. Lady T / Crazy P
7. One Lifetime To Live / Gary Davis
8. Starlight / Escort
9. Oh Snap / Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield
10. Dirty Talk / Klein & MBO
11. Messages / OMD
12. Mercy / The Third Degree

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